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Hello, Hello and Welcome to Inklings with Irena. The Weekly Energy Show connecting you to your Intuitive Guidance System. And today I want to talk about Manifesting Made Easy. It’s in the air. So it’s like let’s just address the elephant in the room. If we haven’t met yet my name is Irena Miller and I’m an Intuitive Energy Guide, Spiritual Life Coach and what I call an Energy Alchemist. My joy is bringing together many secret practices and creating unique energy recipes for my clients and for all of those who tune in and play with me during inklings. Now my background is in yoga. I taught and have studied yoga for gosh going on 30 years now, Reiki Master and I work one on one with clients helping them learn how to use oracle cards and tarot cards in their business, tuning fork energy, crystals, Oh my goodness. So for me this has been a very engaging and fun playful journey where I love to bring these very unique recipes to you. And that’s what we’re going to do today.

We’re gonna play with manifesting. Because maybe you’ve noticed it’s in the air. So as you hop on let me know do you make new year’s resolutions? New Year’s resolutions are very interesting but many of my clients are at this point rather reflecting on the previous year and they’re planning for the new year. Some of them love to do vision board some of them love to have checklists for New Year’s resolutions. Some of them just love to get into this playful way of using energy to manifest. And I want to share with you the key secret ingredients that I share with them that help them make their dreams come true. Now to do this there’s definitely some playful steps involved. Hello Hello Tammy so great to have you and Juana. Good morning. Great to have you as well. So the playful steps when it comes to manifesting there’s a lot that we want to address when it comes to our value and are we worthy? Do we value ourself? And I encourage you when you come into this, The energy recipe of what I called it (and I’ll explain why) is What’s your pleasure ma’am. I’d like to get sassy and a little bit of playfulness to it because we can get way too serious and when it comes to manifesting what I’ve discovered where resolutions and vision boards and words of the year leave us feeling just deflated is because many times when we work with vision boards when we choose our word for the year when we say I’m gonna manifest this dream I’ve got this resolution it’s going to happen.

We are in an energy of doing we’re reaching for it. We’re trying to pull it to us and make it come into being. Now that’s one way of doing things and sometimes it does work. But the way that I want to share with you today is a different approach to things. Now I go back to the title. What’s your pleasure ma’am. Because it’s playful and cheeky and what I’ve discovered when many clients come to work with me in the beginning one on one they’ve given so much of their how do I want to say almost choice and love a way out of a sense of responsibility and duty. So for example moms have put their wants and desires aside for the betterment of their family. They put their family first or sometimes it’s business as entrepreneurs where bootstrapping and we’re just trying to make it work so we’re not sleeping we’re not eating right. We’re not moving our body. We’re just trying to get everything out there and on time.

There are moments where we become very disconnected with what we love. We may know what other people love and maybe even as an empath there are those moments where other people’s energy comes in so intensely that we think we love something and then we wake up to discover it is again. I don’t I don’t love this. Who. Who am I and where am I. I had an incredible session with the client yesterday and the Talking Heads song popped into her mind which is perfect because it was that moment where you know he wakes up and is like. Who is this beautiful wife like and you know like this beautiful house and where am I. How did it’s not mine. I thought it would be we wake up and we’re in a strange location. So one of the first things is really the keys in the title What’s your pleasure ma’am. We want to playfully start to engage our second energy center which is connected with our value and our worth and tuning into what do we love in this moment in time. What’s  lighting you up right now? So we’re already starting to set the stage. Yeah. Wendy that’s right. How did I get here. I’m trying to remember the lyrics.

Anyway the first part of this little acronym once you start to get into that value of what you love and how you see yourself and I mean to talk about the energy behind that in a second. The first thing is to make room. One of the biggest things coming up with my clients as they’re setting the resolutions and making their vision boards because they definitely do that and I support that. I’ve got a fun different take on how to make vision boards I use manifesting mandalas a lot of fun. If you’re curious dropped me a little heart emoji. Well I shouldn’t say hearts because you guys are so great. I love all these hearts drop me like a little thumbs up maybe in the comments and I’ll make sure that you get some information on that but manifesting mandalas are interesting because you can build things on them like Crystal grids to to move into this a little bit more easily. But I digress. So many of my clients are at that point where they are making vision boards or they are setting resolutions or choosing a word for the year and to help those practices support my clients,

the first thing I encourage them to do is to make room. Yes there’s a physical making room right. We have to clear out the clutter in order to welcome new things into our house. Yes there is a mindset issue we want to address old thoughts and and kind of like shape where we’re thinking but there is an energy component that rests beneath it something that was very interesting that came up working this week with one of my clients was she is offering a brand new opportunity to the people in her world. She’s an amazing entrepreneur and has successfully run businesses for 25 years and she wants to give back and she’s given back in the past and she’s been burned. When she wanted to do something from such a place of love and giving and opening her heart the gift that was given it wasn’t received too well and this was a big gift. It reminds me of you guys watch that new Meryl Streep show or movie think it’s on Netflix and it’s something about the prom.

And she at one point I hope it’s a little bit of a spoiler she gives away her which she sells her house in order to open up an opportunity for this young girl. She does something selfless and then the young girl was like Thanks but I don’t want that opportunity. And Meryl Streep’s character is like Oh my God I just gave up my dream house for you. I did something selfless and now you’re not even taking the gift. Well that can really cause some energetic scarring. And it’s important to address that. So when I say make room when I’m talking about is making energetic room so that the old stories the old beliefs the energy that’s attached to what happened last year when you tried to make the resolution or the year before it doesn’t wear you down or cause you to hiccup in your step forward. So one of the ways that I love to clear energy is my root, flush, fill technique and that’s in the link above. You can click that and grab that right away. It’s my free gift to you. And then the second aspect of this again being a little cheeky is attractive approachability. When we come to manifesting sometimes with those vision boards and with those words it’s the reaching out energy it’s that. Let me just get this and pull it into me I’m going to make it happen I’m going to wish it into being.

I’m going to think it to be true and what happens is that often when we’re in a controlling space like that we manifest things that we really don’t want in the long run we think we wanted it but like that saying goes be careful what you wish for because we can manifest things that are not good for us. Most definitely.

This is where it’s important to start to shift ourselves energetically into a space of no longer feeling or thinking that it’s the thing the place the person the job that’s going to create the happiness and manifestation that’s going to create the success. Instead you want to start to tune into the feeling what would it feel like like what feeling are you believing that that job is going to offer to you or if you live in this location. What’s the feeling behind the reason to live there. Because there might be a feeling of wanting to live in the desert because you’re just craving the heat and the warmth and to get out of that cold snowy weather. But then you realize that the desert your main focus. That wasn’t necessarily the answer. Yes you want warm places but you realize I really wanted humidity.

I love humidity by the way. Do you guys like humidity? I feel very odd saying that but I love water in the air, dry heat drives me bonkers anyway I digress again.

That attractive approachability means you’re shifting that second energy center by the vibe you’re putting out you’re getting into your feelings rather than your head space. I think I want this. I know I want this. When you get into that feeling space that’s when you actually shift your vibration. And like the wonderful scientific methodology of entrainment where it. I love this the analogy of you have the grandfather clock in the clock shop and when he swings he’s the strongest weighty with weightiest one of them all. He gets all the other clocks into time and they all sync up. So the idea is that the weighty one is the one that shifts the energy he’s not doing anything else that grandfather clock than being himself. He’s setting his energy and tone and everybody else is matching it around him. So when we get into manifesting it’s like let’s set our feeling tone you know where do we want to where do we want to swing how do we want to vibe. Is it what feeling is it that we’re looking to experience. Because we limit ourselves when we put a box or a container around that Red Corvette is going to make me happy.

When you realize oh my gosh it’s so low to the ground control my driveway without scraping the bottom. I just know this because I have a girlfriend who has a red Corvette. She likes it. Yeah. She’s 75 and to the hot babe. She looks great in her red Corvette. Drives me nuts though because coming up my drive she can’t drive up my driveway. Anyway it’s incredible when you start to tune into the feelings because you realize that the thing might fall short of expectations. And that’s when we get into that tricky space of manifesting things that really aren’t fulfilling us. So get into that attractive approachability set your feeling tone your vibe and then what happens is you attract it towards you rather than reaching out to grab it and then the final the final part of the acronym the M for ma’am is mindful motion.

And why do I say this.

Well movement, motion is required. When it comes to manifesting it very much as a dance between effort and surrender. Moments where we open to receive the gifts of the universe and then those moments where the gifts come our way. But you know like if Amazon delivers a package to your front door it’s going to stay there unless you open the door take the box into the house open it up and start using the product. Dreams and manifestations are like that. We can wish things into our life OK but we have to engage in this dance. It’s a co-creation. So when I say What’s your pleasure ma’am. I’m inviting you to playfully engage in the fun joy of manifesting with ease. Tune into how to make room shed those old energetic scars and hiccups that keep you stuck in repeating past patterns. That’s in the link above. Then tune into the feeling the attractive approachability vibrate at the energy signature so to speak of what you wish to create. So quick example because you might be like What the heck do you mean by that arena. Well if you’re wishing for more freedom in your life start to feel as if you were free. What might that look like. Well free to call your own schedule and not you may not be able to do that with the 8 to 5 job like during the 8 to 5 hours but you’re free to delegate how you use your time after 5 p.m. or on the weekends and that’s where you begin to play. And then that slowly expands and grows. Now that last M the Mindful motions mindfully engage so the way that you engage will also set the tone for what you bring into your life. If you mindfully move into I’m going to grab this for me or oh you know like nothing ever goes my way you know. Forget it. I’m gonna throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Then you miss out on the moment. That mindful motion is really about being aware of the gifts of grace that come across our path every day. And choosing to engage with them. So thank you thank you for tuning in. Oh yay.Tammy, You love humidity too. Oh Good I’m not the only one. Yeah. Letting go. Oh you’ve been watching the crown. Oh that’s fun. Oh excellent Lee Ann. Oh glad you printed yours. Yeah I received some thumbs up. Yeah. Time and space. Super important for when it comes to manifesting. So thank you guys so much for coming to join me. If this was helpful for you please share it with a friends. Now that we’re at the beginning of this new year and know how much it means to me that you’re all here engaging and making magic as we move into this new and prosperous healthy new year for all of you. I’m sending that energy your way.

All right lots of love and I’ll catch on the flipside. Bye guys.

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