Manifest Your Dreams

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Use this Yoga Mudra to set your resolve, take courage in your heart’s dreams, and bring your dreams to life.  

Mudra means seal.  

And not the mammal, who swims in the ocean.  Think of the seal as either the instrument you use to make an impression or the impression that is left behind.  

You can align your body in such a way, that you become like a seal (again not the cute little whiskered faced seal that loves to sun on the rocks).   But like the instrument, with all it’s grooves.  Creating pathways for the wax to pour into and take shape.  Then see yourself like the wax impression left behind – a result of the way you shaped your body, heart and mind.   Instead of wax though, Grace was able to pour in, and it take the shape of your heart’s resolve.  

Why we would do that?

The idea is to align your body, thoughts, and mind in such a way that you focus on your dream.  Not the naysayers or the doubts that like to creep into your mind.  

Instead, you realize dreams take courage.  If courage is not involved, it’s merely a wish.  Something that is hoped for.  A dream is a passion hidden in your heart.  Unseen by the world and maybe on occasion spoken about.  

To bring this dream to the surface, takes courage, tenacity, and action.  

Not everyone will believe in it – that’s not what counts.  


What does count is that YOU BELIEVE & take action


How do we do this?

The left arm crosses your body, giving you the strength and courage to turn into your heart. Left palm faces up, ready to receive the blessings that come when you take action on your heart’s desire.  Recognizing that the road ahead is paved with challenges, we set our resolve.  The right hand, palm facing down, roots down on the left.  

Anchor yourself in this moment.  Make a commitment, a resolve to continue forward on this adventure.  When times get tough, come back to the Sankalpa Mudra.  It will guide you back to your courage, remind you of your heart’s passion, and ultimately connect you with your resolve.

Watch the video to see it in action:

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