Lose the Pain in the Neck

Lose the Pains in Your Neck & Knots in Your Shoulders

Lose the Pains in the Neck with Irena Miller www.irenamiller.com

Heart Opening Yoga Poses

Monday, February 12, 2018
7:00-8:00 pm EST
LIVE Masterclass in Zoom
Replay Available


ditch the pains in the neck!

No more crick in the neck or knots in the shoulders!

Open your heart to receive and the love that is all around you!

What’s my Investment?


For the LIVE Online Experience and Replay:  $47  

(For Yoga Club Members and the Replay:  $27)


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Does this sound like you?

~ It’s tough to turn your head, it aches a little each time do you do. ~

~ You just can’t find a comfy spot on the couch to relax, your upper back keeps bothering you. ~

~ You don’t know if your heart can take one more dirty look. ~



What if you had a way….


~ To turn over in the middle of the night and not yelp in pain~

~ Relax into your favorite spot on the couch and simply enjoy your show. ~

~ To feel confident in opening your heart to give and receive love! ~

Allow me to introduce you to the amazing Belly-Down Heart Opening Masterclass!


What can I expect?


~ Investigate and discover where your tight spots are hiding. ~

~ Flow through sweet, simple, and effective warm up moves. ~

~ Discover that releasing the tension in your thighs and hips will unlock your neck and shoulders. ~

~ Playfully experience friendly belly-down back bends using 2 special techniques that will make all the difference! ~


Why You, Irena?

Lose the Pains in the Neck - Yoga with Irena www.irenamiller.com

With over 20 years of yoga under my belt, students know that they get a highly tailored and personalized practice from me.

You will always receive more than just physical movement instructions from me.

I spend countless hours studying and learning all the complements to a yoga practice that help you experience the full benefits of yoga both on and off the mat.

You will walk away from this Masterclass feeling a little lighter and brighter!

You don’t always find that in the average fitness class.


And who know’s why better than the people who have experienced playing yoga with me and the complementary techniques I offer:


Irena is what everyone needs in an energy guide and healer. She has a true gift for connecting with your cosmic energies and communicating with the guides and guardians around you.

She is also what everyone wants in a guide and healer. Her deep knowledge and insights are always delivered with grace and kindness. Her energy work unblocks obstacles and clears pathways so you can make the most of your life.  

~ David Rippe

Yoga with Irena www.irenamiller.com

Yoga with Irena www.irenamiller.com

~ Chellee Wise

Yoga with Irena Burning Bowl Ceremony www.irenamiller.com


Why do this now? And online?

If not now, then when?

There will never be a better time.

Something will always get in the way. You need to make yourself and your well being a priority.


When you meet online with me, you don’t have to worry about having the latest, fashionable yoga gear. Come as you are! Fur babies are welcome! No need to pack a suitcase, buy an airline ticket, figure out where you can stay without breaking the bank, just to study with a qualified yoga teacher (like I had to do for years and years). I come to you!!! And if you forget something important like your water bottle. No big deal! Your fridge is just a few feet away!

And the best part!!

You don’t have to leave your warm house to drive out into a cold night!! Stay cozy at home!!


What’s my Investment?


For the LIVE Online Experience and the Replay:  $47  

(For Yoga Club Members and the Replay:  $27)

For about the cost of 2 movie tickets (with no popcorn! agh! the horror)


Are you ready to join me for some fun?