Here’s A Quick Way to Lose the Overwhelm and Manifest Your Dream


Thoughts are powerful.

And this week you have an amazing opportunity to practice super healthy mental hygiene 🙂

Wait, what?

Yes, mental hygiene.

Just like you brush your teeth and floss your hips, you will benefit immensely from taking the time to watch your thoughts and mindfully choose which ones to keep and which to release.

Why bother with taking a shower for your thoughts?

Remember the wonderful Pig-Pen from Peanuts. And how he is surrounded by a cloud of dust, dirt, and debris.

This is what can happen to us on an energetic level.

From the time you wake up, you are encountering all sorts of moods and thoughts from your loved ones, friends, and co-workers. And an intense mood can be extremely contagious.

By the day’s end, you’ve picked up on a rainbow of thoughts and emotions.

Carrying them around is just exhausting. There’s a better way.

Here is a quick visualization to help you lose the overwhelm!!

Short on time? Download the audio and take it with you 🙂


or watch the video 🙂


Want to dive deeper into the play?

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over here in the group!


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