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Maybe you used to have a yoga studio you absolutely loved. As soon as you walked in, it was calming and you were ready to greet your teacher with gratitude.

Then life got super busy.


Now between work, your kids’ activity schedule and finally getting through the summer holidays, your shoulders and back are like perma-knots.


But you still don’t have extra Magical Time just lying around. (Wouldn’t that be nice if that was even a Thing!?)


yoga for happiness

You can almost taste the feeling of that Yogi Life. The warmth of the room, the smell of the candle burning, the sounds of soothing meditative music. And especially the feeling of stretching and sweating out all the stress that bogs you down.


Walking out of that class feeling both calm and energized, ready to take on the world, ready to fill up those around you now that you’ve filled your own cup.

Since you’re a Sunny-Side-of-the-Street kinda gal, I know you can sense a silver lining. And here it is:




An experienced and skilled yoga teacher guiding you live through the poses that will help you lose the foggy early morning brain, the tight shoulders from sleeping on your side again, and the confidence to take on the day!

And you can do it for less than 30 minutes at home!


This LIVE YOGA class will help you go from Stressed to Soothed and get you on track to build a home practice that works for you around your schedule.

“The first two weeks, it affected every part of my life. All of the sudden, I was eating better, meditating more regularly, my house was clean. My usual habit is I get the youngest on the bus and then I hit the chocolate (he’s a bit of a handful) but for the first two weeks, I would just go hit the Irena button instead.” – Kathy Edelen


“Even a five-minute yoga session can do wonders for the mind, spirit, and body! Irena helps me to stay focused on my alignment, reminding me which muscles to tighten, and how to stay safe!” – Mary Beth Comstock

I know all too well that this time of year is super stressful. (I’m sorry – is there a specific part of the calendar that’s super carefree? I think I missed that month…) But showing up for yourself is just as important as all the other serious Showing Up you do in your life.


“Pay yourself first” doesn’t only apply to retirement savings, lady! Just showing up and doing a little bit each day could make the difference if you’re craving more calm, organization, freedom, decisiveness, or connection. Or heck – all of that! Let’s dream big, right?




Yoga with Irena. A free 5 day winter yoga challenge. 1/11/17-1/15/17. Go from stressed to soothed in less than 15 minutes a day.

If you don’t know me super well yet, I’m Irena Miller – Yoga Lover and Life Enthusiast! I have dedicated my life to yoga (and my family, of course) for over 20 years.


Having found a practice that works for me after studying countless methods, I love helping others find their own yoga groove that fits just right into their life. Making yoga simple, accessible and FUN lights me up and I just love sharing that!


You don’t have to go to a studio.

You don’t have to practice for over an hour a day everyday.

You can find quiet mindful moments at home for a few minutes at a time.


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