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PDF file of Your Practice

  1. Practice this 2-3 times a week.
  2. Any time of day.
  3. The video will be posted shortly.


Just for Julie 

Your Personalized Practice #1


Your Personalized Practice #2

You’re as young as your spine is flexible! Try these sweet & gentle moves to wake you up!




Practice 2 – Happy Feet with Tennis Ball


Practice 3 – Strengthen Ankles


Practice 4 – Build Strength


Practice 5 – Stabilize and Strengthen Outer Hips


PRACTICE 6 – restorative YOGA


Practice 7 – Legs up the wall with belt

Go here for the video and details.


Practice 8 – Yoga Nidra

Go here for video and details.

Direct Line to Irena

If questions, thoughts, or comments arise during your practice.  Simply share them here.  Easy Peasy!