It’s Not You: How Do I Lose Unhelpful Thoughts and Emotions



Hello, Hello and Welcome to Inklings with Irena…The Weekly Energy Show connecting you to your Intuitive Guidance System. Hey, It’s Not Just You. I wanted to talk today about something that’s been popping up for many of my clients. And maybe it’s important for you to there’s something in the air.

So let’s dive into this. My name is Irena Miller. and I’m an Intuitive Energy Guide and a Spiritual Life Coach. I consider myself an Energy Alchemist. I draw upon my 25 plus years of yoga, teaching it, 30 plus years of studying it. Holy cannoli. I’ve been studying since I was a wee little thing with my mom, as well as many energy practices like Reiki, like quantum energy, like pulse techniques, color therapy, tuning fork, sacred practices like the Oracle cards and tarot and runes. Oh my goodness. Any way to connect to spirit and to bring lightheartedness to life. That is what I continue to pursue and continue to learn and bring to you in wonderful little energy recipes to make your day lighter and brighter. OK, let’s jump in. Enough of that. It’s not you and it’s not exactly them. Let me jump into this. So just take it. Imagine, right. Somebody who is going along their week, their day, everything’s going smoothly. They’re excited. They’ve got a new project they’re working on. They’re getting orders in new clients. And then all of a sudden, this overwhelming sense of dread hits. They start to second guess themselves.

Imposter syndrome sets in. They start to worry, like, what am I doing? I’m going to be found out. I don’t think this is the right path. I’m biting off more than I can chew. Do I have the skills to get me to where I need to go? What’s going to happen? I just feel this dread, the anxiety. My heart is pumping. Oh my gosh. Can you feel it? Oh, now, that was a good exercise in and of itself. How often are you around someone who’s got a big emotion like anxiety or worry, a Debbie Downer, let’s say? And how often does it rub off? You pick up on those bad vibes. We don’t want to be around people like that. They don’t make us feel good because as empathic, big hearted people, it is so easy to absorb feelings like cold germs. So let me know if you’ve ever picked up emotions from a friend. It could be wonderful, big, joyful emotions like being at a wonderful large sports ball event or, you know, just at a concert. The excitement, you can feel it pulsing through the air, but it’s definitely in the air.

And that’s what I want to say. When big emotions hit out of the blue, one of the most important things to do is. Take a breath, OK? And I want to share with you my specific quadruple “C” Energy Recipe that I’ve been sharing with my clients this week that helps them when these big emotions hit. Because here’s the thing. If you let those feelings of dread or worry or second guessing yourself flavor the day overshadow it, you’re not going to come here to what you think you’re going to accomplish, what you were born to do. Let me put it that way. There’s a wonderful saying in the fitness world that I love, which is, you know, you want to be strong enough to fulfill your destiny. There’s that physical strength. But there’s also a spiritual strength that we need to develop to be strong enough to fulfill our destiny in the practice of learning energy and building over the years. It is a process and a stepping stone experience. You don’t go from zero to 100 right away, for example, like channeling white light can fire nerves, so to speak, of it, because it’s a high intensity energy. So we want to build up to the strength of moving energy over time. It’s just like we wouldn’t run a marathon without training. I know some people do and they do fantastic at it. I have a girlfriend whose husband did that and she trained for like eight or 10 months and he decided, you know, I think I’ll run this with you like the day before.

And he did fantastic. So. Right. There’s always the exception. But generally speaking, we need to have practice. We need to show up day in, day out and build our strength so that we can handle the bigger energies, the wilder rides with more grace and ease. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Let me share with you these four “C’s” because. Oh, my goodness, I just love putting together these recipes. Oh, my goodness. So the first C is Check in. And what do I mean by check in when I see that it’s not just you or it’s not you. It’s not all of you, if you’re feeling a big emotion, like if you’ve gotten hit with worry or anxiety. Not necessarily all of it belongs to you, but most likely there’s a teeny bit that does. Maybe you were worrying about your child at school that day, you know, like, oh, I hope they packed enough for lunch or I hope I gave them enough. Maybe you were worrying about, you know, did I turn the stove off before I left the house? So you’ve got some kind of matching vibration that connects with what’s going on in the collective energy. So when I say check in, check in with yourself, and you can always ask how much of this emotion is mine and what’s going on around me, how much of this emotion belongs to someone else? Do I just get off a telephone call with an upset client or coworker? Did I watch a news program that threw me am I just tuning into what’s going on with major events like right now in the U.S. We have a big day to day with Inauguration Day, and a lot of my clients are just feeling that heightened sense of security and anxiety.

And they’re thinking it’s all of them. It’s not maybe some of it belongs to them, but not all of it. So check in. That’s the first thing. The second C is choose it. What I mean by choosing to say, OK, only about 10 percent of the anxiety belongs to me, 90 percent belongs to the rest of the collective. I don’t want to carry around everybody’s worry and anxiety. That’s not going to help them. It really won’t in the old days empaths tried to run energy for everyone. We still do. But there was an old paradigm. It’s an old, out-of-date way of doing things. We’re not going to help them. You know, when we see someone who’s suffering or going through a big experience, we can hold space and be present and offer love. But if we try to fix everything for them, they’re not going to learn or experience what their spirit needed to in that moment. And therefore, the universe will say, oh, you didn’t hear me the first time. Let me come back around and say it a little louder. So we rather than going in and fixing everybody because nobody needs to be fixed, we’re doing fantastic.

Thank you very much. Yeah. These places to tweak and refine and grow. But when we work with someone, we we see the beauty, you know. And when I say we, I mean you and I, when we’re around our friends, we want to hold space. We want to reflect back all the good stuff. And I’d be like, yeah, too bad you missed that opportunity. That was a real blockhead move. Like, Lucy with Charlie Brown. I know. Forget it. Like, oh, that was great. You did a great job. Don’t worry. Next time around. So first “C” check in. Is all of this yours. Second C choose it. What belongs to you what belongs to someone else. If it doesn’t belong to you. We’re going to send it back. The third “C” so check in, choose it and Chuck it. Chucking it is the third “C”. I love it. So if it doesn’t belong to you, you chuck the energy. Basically it goes into my root, flush, fill technique which if you haven’t experienced yet, click on the link above and that’s my free gift to you. You can access it there, you know, just flush all that stuff out of your space to the earth where it’ll be recycled into something of great beauty. There’s many techniques for doing this, but this one right now is a great one to do, especially if the energy belongs to many people and not just one.

So check in, choose it, chuck it and the final “C” Chill. And what I mean by Chill is whenever you clear a space, so you’ve cleared the unhelpful thoughts out of your your energetic field, you want to fill up with something of a higher vibration. It could be a color like a golden light or a beautiful blue or peaceful violet. But when you chill, the idea is, OK, I’m going to feed my spirit and fill my heart back up because the universe hates an empty space. It’s going to fill it up with something. So rather than the universe, you know, just filling it up with somebody else’s emotion, you choose, oh, what am I going to fill my heart with? Maybe a good song, maybe, you know, a great walk outside, maybe just a color. And those are the four “C’s”. So check in. How much of this emotion belongs to you? Choose it. What does belong to you? Keep it. Chuck it, Chuck. It doesn’t belong to you. And then finally, chill, take a chill pill. All right. Thank you, gals and guys, so much for tuning in and playing energy with me. It’s such a joy. If you’ve enjoyed this, please do share it with a friend and just spread the laughter and the love and know that I’m thinking about all of you and sending good vibes your way. All right. Have an incredible day and I’ll catch you on the flipside. Bye, guys.

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