Inklings ~ Now What?


A question came in after one of my latest lives . . . “Okay, I am starting to understand what my gut instinct is and my intuition. Now what?”

?‍♀️ Try this:

This is what I guide my 1:1 clients and group Energy students through. Developing their intuitive gifts. Then they can utilize them on a daily basis to bring more abundance, peace, and joy into their lives.

?️What makes this beneficial, profitable, and helpful is having a repeatable formula to access this guidance over and over with consistent results. Rather than just hoping for a random stroke of inspiration, this is about creating a strong relationship and dialogue.

?Imagine it like sending in a customer service request.
❓How will that helpful answer come back?
?Over email
?A call on the phone
? Send the product to us
?‍♀️ How will this information or guidance come through?

Let’s talk about about the 4 main clairs

Clear – Feeling => Clairsentience
? Goosebumps, raised hair, and butterflies in the tummy.

Clear – Hearing => Clairaudience
? Random song lyrics, high pitched noise, words pop into the mind

Clear – Knowing => Claircognizance
? There’s no explanation for why it feels so true. It just does.

Clear – Seeing => Clairvoyance
?️ An image crosses the screen of the mind, technicolor dreaming, a movie scene

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