In her words…the work that I do is kinda out there


In her words…

Let’s face it, the beautiful elephant in the room, the work that I do is kinda out there. It’s intangible, weird, and can be down right scary when you first encounter it.

It doesn’t have to be.

But like me, maybe you’ve encountered well meaning loved ones who add to this worry. When I decided to pursue yoga in the mid-1990s my church family was up in arms with worry that I would be sucked into a cult.

As a child of the 80s, I watched ALL the After School Specials and I knew that white vans, orange robes, and flower offering peoples would steal you away, force you to become a vegetarian…then your parents would have to hire a P.I. to come ‘rescue’ you and un-brainwash you by finding the closest Burger King.

Holy Cannoli.

The fear that was washed over me.

Fast forward a few decades after navigating the world of ‘woo’ and I’m still the open-hearted, church-going, loving – not in a cult but am contemplating going vegan 😉 – gal.

My heart draws upon my ecumenical background and brings forward the most loved based trainings and sacred practices to help you find your path to peace. Your connection to a Higher Power.

You won’t find any ouija boards or seances happening over in my world. Because my goal is to help you find peace of mind, security, and clarity in a world of chaos.

But as I discovered long ago, it helps to hear the experience of those who have gone through the journey with me. To hear their story, in their words.

So I introduce you to a new series that I’m doing, “In her words…” that shares the path of my clients.

I am truly grateful for their open hearts and willingness to gift us with their story.

Allow me to introduce you to the wonderful, Renee Hribar. She started working with me over a year ago when her mother became ill and her business was going through rapid expansion. There were a lot of people counting on her and looking to her to be the strong one. That’s an awful lot of stress and pressure and doesn’t leave time to sort through all the feelings that can come up. That’s where I can step in and help.

So without further ado, take a moment and listen to Renee, In her words, explain her path to feeling better and how she cultivated peace of mind through such a tumultuous time.

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