How to Transform the Inner Mean Girl!


Inklings ~ How to Transform the Inner Mean Girl! T

he subconscious is always listening. Clear out the negative talk with this free meditation:

And yes, just like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home, the Subconscious is listening. And it’s our greatest cheerleader!!! ?‍♀️

Wait, What? The subconscious will always echo back what’s running through the heart and mind.

❌ “I am so stupid, how did I not see that coming?” Yes! So stupid!!!

❌ “I am so scattered and just can’t focus.” Yes! So scattered!!!

❌ ”I am so far behind.” Yes! So far behind!!!

? Ack! ? Cancel, clear, delete!!!

One of the greatest ways to shift energy and embody the heart’s desires is to consciously direct energy through thought.

Like this: ✅ “I am constantly learning and taking positive forward steps.” Yes!! Constantly learning and taking positive steps!

✅ “I have a stream of ideas always coming in and I am directing my energy towards the ones that light me up.” Yes!! So many new ideas!

✅ “I trust that I am exactly where I need to be and I am open to guidance on my path.” Yes!! Exactly where I need to be!

⭐️ Take those thoughtful superpowers to the next level and check this out:


Hello. Hello. Welcome to Inklings with Irena, the weekly energy show connecting you to your intuitive guidance system. And today it’s all about how to transform the inner mean girl. If we haven’t met yet, my name is Irena Miller and I’m an intuitive energy coach and I’ve been guiding women for over two decades in how to consciously shift their inner mean girl to direct their energy in such a way that they manifest their heart’s desires and they also connect with the results that serve their highest and best interest. So as you jump on, definitely do give me a quick hello. Let me know that you’re here and where you’re watching from. I love to know where around the world you are. Hello Murphy. Hello Robin. Great to have you. So today it’s all about transforming that inner mean girl. Now before I get into the three steps that I want to share with you that’s going to help you through this process of transformation, I want to give you a little bit of background on on this.

And the first thing has to do with a little aspect of us that is a bit like Siri or Google home or Alexa. There’s something that’s always listening. Hmm. These devices, right? Something or someone or somebody always seems like something’s listening. So yes, Robin, I’m so glad you love this topic. It is a near and dear one to my heart too. And Wendy. Hello. So when these thoughts pop up, what happens is thoughts like, um, you know, and I’m going to get into these thoughts like, Oh, I am so stupid. How did I not see this coming? Well, you know what happens? Your subconscious like a little Google home or Alexa hears that and says, Oh yes, you are so stupid. Our subconscious is our greatest cheerleader and this Holy cannoli is mindblowing. Because once you have this piece of information, it will transform your life.

Because we don’t realize how harmful these thoughts are. Maybe we think to ourselves, you know, I am so far behind, Oh, and your subconscious, your greatest cheerleader goes, yes, you are so far behind. It’s like an echo in a cavern. These thoughts run through our mind and it can wreak havoc. Maybe you even had the thought, I’m so scattered, I just can’t focus. And your subconscious goes, yes, so scattered. You can’t focus, Oh my gosh, well we get stuck in this tailspin, this knee jerk reaction. Just like that moment when someone asks you how you doing and you go, I’m fine. Right? It’s just an automatic response. Well, if we can have automatic responses like that, what you have the opportunity to do is you have the opportunity to create new automatic responses to that inner mean girl and to shift your experience. Why? Because thoughts are real and they are powerful and thoughts will always hit their target, right?

How many times has someone called you up on the phone and you’re like, Oh my God, I was just thinking about you. Or you’re at that conference and you feel like, Ooh, someone’s burning eyes in the back of my head. You know who’s looking at me as if sending their thoughts your way. Or you know, like when someone’s checking you out and they’re looking at up and down, like I don’t know about those shoes with that outfit, we feel these thoughts, right? Thoughts are energy in motion. They hit their target. And when we have those thoughts about ourselves, Oh it defeats as it shifts our energy and then we wonder why we aren’t connecting and manifesting our heart’s desires. So here are the three steps that I invite you to take to help shift this whole experience and transform that inner mean girl. Cause here’s another important note to take.

Energy is always an existence, right? It’s kind of like the water around us. You know, the water is being recycled in the earth. You know, we have this water evaporates, it goes up. Energy is always in existence. We can’t destroy it. We’re not creating it. What we’re doing is we’re shifting something like maybe solar power, wind. We’re taking one form of energy and transforming it into something else. That’s what we’re doing here. So the three steps. Hello Amanda. Great to have you. The three steps that I invite you to do when this inner mean girl pops up is number one, consciously catch the thought. Okay? That just means that we start practicing. We start developing this muscle within us that says, Ooh, that that’s not serving my highest, or that doesn’t feel great. And we say, forget about it. I’m going to, no, I don’t like that thought.

So second thing that you’re going to do is you’re going to refuel the thought, rebuild it, reframe it, rethink it. And then finally what you’ll do with it is you’re going to use that new reframed thought to shift and transform the energy of the experience. So I’m going to give you a few examples. So instead of that moment where you think to yourself, I am so stupid, how didn’t I see this coming? You catch that thought. You’re like, cancel, clear, delete, ack. I don’t want to think that because that’s going to manifest into reality. So instead you shift it, you review it and you say, you know what? I am constantly learning.

So instead of I’m so stupid, you can say I’m constantly learning and taking positive forward steps. Right. That shifts it because yes, we’re always learning and the only way to learn is to stub our toe a couple of times and fall down and we learn, Oh, you know, when I go to bed at night, maybe leave a clear path to the bathroom so I don’t stub my toe on the dog bone. Hm. True story. Um, the second thing is instead of like, Oh, I’m so scattered, we catch that thought and we say, I’m going to review this, reframe it. And you transform it into, wow, I’m constantly receiving a stream of new ideas and I’m directing my energy towards the ones that light me up. Right? Because, wow, isn’t it so frustrating to have writer’s block? Scattered doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Shift it, catch it, right.

Transform it. And then finally that last one I shared was, I’m so far behind. Oh, catch that thought, review it and say, Hmm, I’m going to transform it. Instead of so far behind, you’re going to say to yourself, Oh, I trust that I am exactly where I should be or I need to be. I trusted I’m exactly where I need to be and I’m open to guidance on my path. And that’s it. And your subconscious goes, yes, you’re exactly where you need to be. And guidance is always coming. So these are just fun ways that you can transform the inner mean girl. We’re not looking to kill her, you know, or shove her down or ignore her or put up a wall or put on blinders. This is an aspect of ourself that’s just catching her attention. So utilize it to your advantage so that you can manifest your dreams and you have the ability to connect with the results that your heart desires.

Okay. Thank you for being here with me and Robin. Yes, it is so much like an echo. Amanda. Amanda, thank you. Oh, what joy to see all of you. So if you guys, if this has helped you on your path, please share this with a friend. If you have a friend that you know will benefit from it, because when we can be aware like this and consciously shift our thoughts, wow. You talk about making the world a better place. Um, think about how frustrated we get so easily and all those thoughts that go out when we’re on the road driving. So this is a way to pay it forward and to spread the light. So thanks for being here. If this has lit you up and you’re ready for the next part of the adventure, make sure you click the link and come along and have some fun with me. All right, thank you for being here and I’ll catch you all on the flip side. Oh, Amanda, what did you say? So it’s time to burn your book and the book that you’ve written, this whole inner dialogue, right? Fire is a great way for transformation. You can see it burning bowl, great ceremony. All right, so much to learn and so much to play with. Have a fabulous day. Ma catch you on the flip side. Bye guys.

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