How to Stop Getting Consumed by the Chaos of the World


The current chaos and intense emotions are consuming.

This will help:

?Empaths are feelers. Often they literally take on the pain of others. They feel it in their heart, throat, and mind. It goes beyond walking in someone else’s shoes. It’s like Freaky Friday.

✅ What I’ve seen this week, working 1:1 with my clients, is that they are taking on overwhelming emotions of their friends and family who have lost homes to the fires that rage on the west coast. They over give their energy listening and coordinating, only to end up exhausted. They want to help but the worry and fear start to paralyze their best efforts.

Once this happens – they are of help to no one.

?Here’s what to do to be the change-maker, make a difference, and stay energized.

?Where do the e-motions (energy in motion) show up in the body?

?What is being consumed?

❤️When was the last time your heart was fed?

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5 Steps to Manifesting Your Dream

Ever wonder why some dreams just don’t take root?  A moment of inspiration hits us.  We can see it happening.  We get excited and share this dream with others.  Our heart is pumping now!  Then the bottom drops out.

Where does that dream go?  What happened to all that enthusiasm and passion?

It’s time to light a fire, do a little yoga, and figure it out.