How to Own Your Expertise


Inklings ~ How to Own Expertise

?‍♀️Upper limiting beliefs, glass ceilings, and the inability to envision the full big picture make rocking innate gifts almost impossible:

?Many of my 1:1 clients come to see me before hosting large conferences, intimate retreats, and launching their new projects because a physical symptom of an energetic experience pops up.

?It might be a sore throat and the fear that they’ll lose their voice like they did the last time they hosted a conference.

?Other times it’s the inability to imagine, visualize, and see “how” they will make a large impact on the world with their message.

?And sometimes, it’s about how to deal with the frustrations of “just not knowing” who’s going to actually come to the retreat.

⭐️Navigating the ups and downs of being a business owner, leading large teams, or being a thought leader presents unique opportunities around how to hold the energy of large groups and utilize the unique innate gifts they bring.

❓IWhat if it didn’t have to be a solo journey?

❓IWhat if there was a way to stay connected to a stream of joy and faith that built confidence in choices?

❓IWhat if these physical symptoms of coughs, back pain, heartburn (hello, agita) could be shifted through uncovering the underlying energy imbalance, shining a light on it, and working through a unique system of energy practices?

?This is the Work I do…

?‍?I guide Women Executives and Entrepreneurs on how to access their unique gifts, own their expertise, and make large impacts on the world through their message as they lead large conferences and speak on the TEDx stage. I help them activate their magnetic qualities to attract their ideal clients.

Tune in and hear how I work with my clients to move through these challenging situations!

?Ditch the shadows + doubts that have been hanging around with this FREE Meditation:


Hello. Hello. Welcome to Inklings, the weekly energy show with me, Irena, your hostess and I want to talk today about how to own your expertise. This comes up over and over with my one-on-one clients and it’s come up again this week and I figured this is a perfect time to talk about how many of the physical symptoms that show up before we go to those large conferences, like sore throat, that sneak up on us before we have to get in front of a crowd and speak. Whether it’s just networking or being one of the guest speakers, sometimes even that inability to envision and imagine your full impact on the world and then sometimes it’s just the Ajit of the heartburn and frustration that comes up from the not knowing how these physical symptoms are often a wonderful sign, a signal to us that there’s more going on beneath the surface.

And if we haven’t met yet, my name is Irena Miller and I’m an intuitive energy guide that has been working with women entrepreneurs, executives, adventurers for over 20 years in helping them hear that still small, small voice of wisdom inside of themselves so that they can know and understand when to take action, when to trust their instincts and when the physical symptoms popping up or trying to tell them a little bit something more. Hi Katie, fabulous to have you. And hello Murphy. Great to have you too. So these physical symptoms that show up, in particular sore throat is something very, very common. Losing your voice, even feeling feverish and a bit, Oh my gosh, what am I getting ready to do? You know that saying, it’s always darkest before the Dawn or right on that moment when you’re ready to make a big breakthrough to make a large impact.

That’s kind of the moment of the biggest challenge. Think of the hero’s journey, when the hero is right at that precipice, or the heroine, of making it through, of actually getting there. That’s the point where they almost want to give up. That’s the point where they’re like, I don’t know if I can keep going on. This is just Oh so hard. What makes it hard is yes, the physical challenges that can pop up. Sometimes these physical challenges pop up because of upper limiting beliefs. The sore throat has happened. That’s happened often with my clients. One in particular, she had a large conference that she hosts on an annual basis and before she started working with me, she had lost her voice right before the previous conference and the second conference was coming up and she decided, okay, let me ask [inaudible] about this cause I feel like as the conference is getting closer, my throat is starting to feel off and something is going on, beyond the physical, beneath the surface.

And I walked her through my unique system and strategy that helped her discover, wow. You know, as I take the stage, I take ownership of my expertise. There are certain upper limiting beliefs that I need to say hello to and move through in order to be able to hold the container. And energy of 250 women in this space who were coming to hear me speak and the message that I have to share. This was a huge opening awakening for her that I have clients who, it’s simply a matter of, you could say imagination, the ability to visualize and envision. It shows up as anxiety, as worry, as agita or heartburn. They get that tingling feeling like you’ve drunk too much caffeine and they think to themselves, Oh my goodness, you know what’s going on? And they might try to, yes, increase their sleep, fantastic.

We go to the physical symptoms, we try to make sure we’re nurturing ourselves. But the other aspect to that is learning how to deal with the frustrations of just not knowing, of being able to expand our imagination muscles so we can start to envision possible opportunities and pathways. One of my clients who I was working with today, she just attended a very large conference out in San Diego and had a wonderful time and they asked them to envision, what will your impact be on the world? How can you see your message getting out there and she had a block she couldn’t imagine and visualize it. So again, through my unique systems and strategies, I was able to bring her through an energy exercise, a visualization that enabled her to see possibilities that otherwise had just been blocked. It’s kind of like that glass ceiling we put on ourselves.

We have a limit. It’s like, Oh, I can’t see beyond it. So there are so many ways that these physical symptoms might be trying to get your attention on another level. What I want to invite you to do is just notice how you’re feeling today. As you’re going into this week, as we’re moving into the final quarter of this year, what are some of the dreams and ideas and projects that you would hope to bring into existence this year? Where are they in the spectrum? Was there a place somewhere along the way that your dream just didn’t quite seem to reveal itself? It got stuck there. Very wonderful, wonderful practices that you can do to figure out where you might be self sabotaging the birth of your project and idea. Is it an upper limiting belief? Is it a matter of owning your expertise? Is it a matter that, Hmm, when you have to put your money where your mouth is, you discover, Oh, I don’t know how much I really want to pursue this dream.

Maybe not yet. Does it mean it has to be the end of the dream? No, but if you let that dream hang around without it actually manifesting and coming into being, it’s going to show up as a physical symptom in your life. Maybe it’s a backache. Maybe it’s just a feeling of frustration and agida when you get ready to tackle a new project, like you know, I’ve tried this before. It didn’t work. I don’t know how it’s going to work this time, but I invite you to start questioning. This is really important. So Tammy, hello. Oh, thanks for them. Yeah, magical background. Beautiful, wonderful little Mondello behind me. Yeah, so Murphy, you have trouble with that glass ceiling. You can’t envision past it. It gets to be very, very challenging at times. So what I invite you to start to do is first check in with the feelings.

This is a big week for feelings. Notice what you’re feeling inside and if part of envisioning past it is just a matter of past experiences, right? The frustration of running into a roadblock beforehand, and then definitely come hang out with me in my free Facebook group. I’ve got all sorts of exciting opportunities coming up where I’m going to guide you through more meditations and opportunities to experience, just like my clients, this wonderful moment of breaking through that glass ceiling and envisioning beyond and Hey, check out the link up above for my free meditation. That’s a great first step in helping release some of the shadows and some of the doubts that have been hanging around us that make it hard to start this visualization process. But it is definitely a matter of like building blocks. So thank you. Thank you. Oh, Tammy, you have so many ideas. I know you really, you’re really a channel for manifesting ideas right now. I love it. Uh, Tammy works with me one on one. So it’s been a lot of fun. So I hope you have a fantastic day. Everyone drop an emoji in the comments if you would be interested in learning more about these meditations to help you break through your glass ceilings and envision your impact on the world. All right, I’ll catch you guys on the flip side, lots of love.

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