Inklings ~ How to make rough days or weeks better


Inklings ~ How to make rough days or weeks better

Find a steady rhythm of peace with this:

Does this sound familiar . . .

Emotions going crazy like a ping-pong ball.

Waiting and waiting for a response, yet everything is moving slowly.

Uncertainty and anxiety making it difficult to get rest.

Yipes! This is a crazy week. And it’s crazy for a reason

The reason may not be apparent yet and that’s okay.

Here’s what I’ve been sharing with my clients to make this rough week feel better.

Have an Anchor ~ something that keeps a connection to hope.

Know the Vibe ~ whose energy is this?

Cultivate a Practice ~ shift the frequency with sacred practices.

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Strong Core Encore!

If you have ever canoed with someone, it becomes clear very quickly that a harmony and rhythm must be found.  Or you could end up going round and round in circles.  Or one person feels like they’re doing all the work.  Maybe one person just isn’t steering in the right direction.  I’ve heard relationships are made or destroyed when it comes to paddling!