How to Live a High Vibe Life



Hello, Hello and Welcome to Inklings with Irena. The Weekly Energy Show connecting you to your Intuitive Guidance System. And today, I’m coming to you, (lovely, lovely day outside) I couldn’t resist bringing the good weather to you because I want to talk about living a high vibe life. And why would we even want to do that? If we haven’t met yet my name is Irena Miller. I’m an Intuitive Energy Guide and what I call an Energy Alchemist. I help intuitive, empathic visionaries connect to their gut instincts and translate them into profitable actions. This is something I love to do. To make the invisible world visible. And I’ve a long background in yoga and energy work they bring together to create very unique energy recipes. And that’s a recipe I want to bring to you today. 

So let’s talk about a high vibe life. Why would we even want this? I was having this conversation with a friend of mine and we were talking about, you know, getting to bed at a decent time so we could wake up at a decent time. But just how at the end of the day, it really feels like, oh, you know, you don’t have that many hours left by the time you make dinner and then clean everything up. Next thing you know, it’s time for bed. Maybe you can squeeze in one little relaxing thing and then everything starts all over again and it becomes this automatic drone and then you start to lose energy.

It’s not really a high vibe experience because what’s to look forward to when you wake up? Like, oh, here we go again, just like Groundhog’s Day. So that’s what I love about this world of energy, is that there is a sense of awe that can be injected into every day as we connect to the sacred. And that in and of itself, no matter how tiny, like getting outside for a lunch break and enjoying beautiful weather, the birds singing that can make all the difference to leading a higher vibe life where there’s magic to be experienced and seen. There’s something in the air, it feels electric. There’s an excitement to waking up because even though we might still be doing the same tasks, there’s a mystery that’s going on. We realize that there’s a whole world right beneath the visible that we can connect to. So to live a high vibe life, I put together this very special energy recipe that I love to share with my clients and want to share with you. And it’s what I call SIT. It’s kind of like, let’s just take a moment to sit. So today I’m sitting in the park with you and this acronym, the first part of it, the “S” what it stands for is to Scan. When you’re looking to live a high vibe life, it’s important that you scan your energetic field.

And I have a wonderful little energy exercise that I love to do for this. It’s called root, flush, fill. If you don’t have it yet, then drop a little heart emoji in the comments below and I’ll make sure it finds its way to you. But the root, flush, fill is just an energy exercise for you to be aware of, where your energy ends and where other people’s begins, because our energetic fields are engaging and rubbing up against and melding with other people all throughout the day, even long distance over, you know, digital experiences like this. And we take on other people’s energies, ideas, emotions just like cold germs. And it’s hard to know or recognize, like, wow, you know what? This isn’t mine. The root, flush, fill is a great way to help you with a scan and say, oh, I’m carrying around my friend’s anger or sadness. That’s not mine. I don’t have to give it back to her, but I have a safe way to process it and release it so it can be recycled into something of even higher vibration, let’s say, or of healing benefit to the world. You know, you might realize and notice that there’s a worry or fear that’s popped up and it’s haunting you throughout the day and it’s flavoring and affecting everything you do. And on that energetic scan, you realize, oh, wow, you know, this is from the past.

This is an opportunity for me to let go and heal this fear. I don’t have to let it hold me back from going after my dream today. So that scan, what it does is it just gives you a moment to check in with your energy field, the health, the state of it. Notice if there are any rips or tears or holes in your auric field, anybody attaching or according to you and draining the lifeblood out of, you know, those energy vampires. They all seem to run into a few in our lifetime. Hopefully it’s just a few, not more than that. But it’s good to do a scan. The next part of this, the “I”, is to identify. Identify the energetic cost. Everything we do comes at an energetic cost. So maybe you do cost evaluation’s when you’re budgeting like, OK, well, if I decide to, you know, by this airfryer, what’s the return on my investment? Is it going to be wonderful health and time, renewed vigor and vim. And if I decide to go on this vacation, here rather than there, what’s the return on my investment? Maybe hear of like things like opportunity cost? Well, what’s the opportunity cost of switching tasks? Because maybe it takes a moment, you know, an hour or two to switch gears and really get focused, so we hear about all these kinds of costs and I want to specifically highlight energetic cost.

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