How to go from Breakdown to Breakthrough


Inklings ~ How to go from Breakdown to Breakthrough

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Limiting Beliefs sneak up and sabotage some of the greatest efforts.

For all those times when you’re feeling: Stuck Not enough Have a burning desire to be FREE For when the old practices fall short:

Gratitude journal


Self-help books

Stop beating yourself up, ask these 3 questions instead:

Where do you feel physical tension and stress?

Who pops into your mind?

Where are you carrying other people’s expectations?

These are just a few examples of what I ask my clients. These are the questions that help unlock the frustrations of repeated toxic patterns. These are the catalyst for making energetic shifts that pave the way for profitable endeavors.

Depending on where you are in your spiritual journey and energetic journey. This might have brought up more questions than answers.

That is what I do. And that is why people hire me. Because I’m able to meet them where they are and walk them through to the next step. Together.

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