How to Do Less and Accomplish More


Inklings ~ How to Do Less and Accomplish More To help create some thinking space, try this: Many of my clients are creators.

They are visionary entrepreneurs and executives who are moving at a fast pace and they constantly have ideas crossing their radars. The big challenge comes in when they try to fit these ideas into an already crammed schedule. What ends up happening is a feeling of overwhelm as they rush to get it all done. And maybe even the feeling that their creation was slapped together. And could something even possibly be missing?

Here’s what I share with my clients to help them capture these ideas and get more done with less energy output.

Here is what it is not:

? It’s not about trying to squeeze a to-do list into 4-hours of work.

? It’s not about hiring a huge team.

? It doesn’t require reading another book or buying a course.

Rather it is my Triple T system.

✅ Time Out – Create at least 5-minutes to step away.

✅ Tune In – Find a calming noise and listen to it.

✅ Take Notes – Open up that phone and jot down key take-aways. This system can bring peace to a chaotic situation and save a ton of wasted time going down the wrong path.

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