How to create safe space for difficult conversations


Inklings ~ How to create safe space for difficult conversations

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Empaths easily absorb all the feelings around them and take them on as their own. That can lead to emotional overwhelm and a loss of self.

Once that spiral starts, it’s challenging to take authentic action. The urgency, the feelings, the thoughts, are all jumbled together and it’s all too easy to fall into a simple parroting of the stronger energy. (That would be a worst-case scenario.)

Or at other times it’s too painful to stay present in the conversation when trying to run everyone else’s energy (emotions and thoughts) as if it belonged to them. Then a shutdown can happen.

Here’s how to create a safe space to have those difficult conversations:

1. Ground – just like an electrical outlet. Being grounded means the energy is sent to the earth where it will be recycled into something of beauty. Rather than rattle around inside you, wreaking havoc.

One way (but not the only way) to ground is to imagine roots from your feet into the earth.

2. Good Energetic Hygiene – it’s not about you at this moment. When you’re holding space, your ego steps aside, and you bear witness. It’s not finding the common matching energetic memories of “me toos”. It’s simply being there, listening.

Root-Flush-Fill every day! 🙂 Not sure what that is . . . grab the free energy meditation here:

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