How to Become a Magnetic Attractor



Hello, Hello and Welcome to Inklings with Irena… The Weekly Energy Show connecting you to your Intuitive Guidance System. And today, I want to talk about how to become a Magnetic Attractor. If we haven’t met yet my name is Irena Miller. I’m an Intuitive Energy Guide, Spiritual Life Coach, and what I call an Energy Alchemist. I draw upon my two and a half decades of studying yoga, spiritual work, energy healing like Reiki, certified tarot reader, Oracle cards, tuning forks, crystals, anything that is connected to the world of spirituality that I can bring into the tangible with my background in decision sciences. That’s what I love to do. So many of my clients, they come to me when they’re looking for specific energy recipes. And that’s what I want to offer to you today. When it comes to attracting or being magnetic, many of you have probably heard of things like law of attraction and manifesting and the secret. There’s all sorts of different ways to go about this. And over my years, I’ve tried a lot, but I’ve discovered some ways in particular certain energy recipes that always work for me. And they’ve really worked well for my clients when they apply them. They’re aspects that sometimes just get missed. When you’re kind of looking for the cookie cutter experience and we just go to a random book and I want to share that with you today. So let me start with a story. Paint a little picture. Imagine that there is a fantastic entrepreneurial woman who wants to find a home for her family. She wants to find a place where the kids feel safe to run outside, she doesn’t have to worry about traffic or, you know, just a neighborhood in general. She’s hoping to have that easy access to school and to the grocery store. She’s just desiring a place to really create what feels like a loving and peaceful home for her family.

And in the process, you know, she’s doing a lot of house hunting. She’s engaged with a realtor and the realtor brings her to see house after house after house. And she’s looking she’s created a vision board. She loves vision boards. And she has cut out all of these images of families and sunshine.

She wants to be near the water. She wants to have trees nearby too. That backyard where the kids can run. She sees their dog there and she’s visualizing and imagining this and she’s sitting with it. She walks by it. Maybe she even says affirmations like, I am worthy, I am valuable. You know, she opens herself to receiving the house and she keeps looking and it’s just not happening. This is where I love to come in and offer a little bit more guidance and what I would share in that situation, because I’ve had many clients who have been looking for the home of their dreams or the second home of their dreams or vacation home and trying to decide which direction do I go in. So whether it’s me doing a card reading for them or a needle chart reading or simply just giving  them the tools to tune into their inklings, this is what I love to do and what I’m sharing with you today. And I call it (My doggie just came in. That’s who’s moving the curtain behind me). But what a call it is the Triple F Energy Recipe for becoming a Magnetic Attractor. And the first aspect of this that first F is feel or feeling. The visualization is important. Yes, you can have the visual, you know, the vision board. You can have that daydreaming time where you imagine yourself there.

But one of the key aspects that is often missed is the feeling because they tell you what we can manifest, we can co-create with energy and create an incredible experience.

It’s important, though, that we’re not just creating the idea or the image of it. And here’s why it’s kind of like that saying be careful what you wish for, because if we’re just wishing for going back to the example of the house, you know, let’s say a three bedroom house or, you know, a doggie door so the dog can get in and out easily, maybe a walk out basement. So if the kids are, you know, playing downstairs, it’s easy for them to go in and out to the backyard without tracking mud all upstairs. And and you’ve got this visualization. Maybe you want brick, maybe you want this kind of driveway. You’ve got it all down. But if you skip the feeling part, like I have one particular experience with a client, what she discovered is that the house that she’s been looking at, the types of homes she realized, wait a second, the master bedroom is so far away from the kids rooms and I want us all to feel close at night, you know, my little one doesn’t feel safe and they have, you know, nightmares sometimes, so it’s nice to be close to my children. So even though the homes that she was originally drawn to that really fit the visualization and the image of what she was desiring when she tuned in to the feeling, a sense of what her heart really wished for, what she wanted to feel when she was in that home, she realized, wow, the vision doesn’t match the feeling. And that’s a very big key because we can often manifest something and realize, oh, wait a second, this isn’t what I want.

And, you know, and then we’re back to square one. The universe, the universe is very literal. And I giggle because I would always say I want to live in the Northwest Territory. And I don’t know, I had to be fancy like that. I always had this desire to live in the Pacific Northwest, grew up on the East Coast, and I didn’t quite end up in the Pacific Northwest, but I did end up in Northwest Territory. We’ll leave it at that. My father, who is a history major, lovingly pointed that out to me. I got right. I had to be more specific with the universe when I was manifesting where I lived. But it’s all good. I love where I am.

So I just tell that jokingly because it is important that we tune into not only the fun aspects of the visualization and creating the vision board, we also it is important to tune into the feeling that you wish to create. So that, first off, is a lot about feeling into things as you feel into things. Let’s say we go back to the analogy of the home. You go into the home and you feel it. You can feel the energy in homes, you can feel the energy of a neighborhood. And into that from that feeling sense, which is more of an open experience, you go into action. So here’s where the co creation comes in, because manifesting and becoming a magnetic attractor, it’s more of an invitation rather than a reaching out for a goal or a striving to make it happen. It’s cultivating and shifting your energy so that you start finding like vibrations or like frequencies.

So with that finding aspect, because I love rhyming, I say basically sniff it out like a you know, or use your snout to sniff it out like a bloodhound. The idea you can play here with is, start to notice your feelings. Let’s say you’re in the grocery store and you’re looking for a particular item.

I don’t know about you guys, but every time I turn around the redoing the grocery stores by me and I go in and I’m like, oh, no, where did they move the tofu? I can’t find it. Where is the almond milk? Oh, where is the bars I love? And I realize they have intermingled now the kind of organic or nature’s market, they call it with the everyday, you know, wonderful, yummy foods, the conventional foods that we love to. (Clearing energy). So when I go into the grocery store, it is great to ask someone who works there. Yet at the same time, what I love to do is I’ll work with my Angels and Guides to feel it out, to help me find it. And I’ll just give out a little energetic vibe saying, OK, Angels and Guides, whether it’s a Runner Guides or Saint Anthony, please help me find where the tofu is. You know, or please help me find this random ingredient like black salt. Where is it in the grocery store or almond paste in some of these odd ingredients to certain recipes. And inevitably, I’ll wander around for a little bit and just kind of like playing that game. You’re getting warmer, you’re getting warm, you’re hot versus like a cold cold. You start to notice and feel which direction to go in.

So that’s why I say like a bloodhound. Sniff it out, use your snout to sniff it out. Just a little playfulness there in the final F is I changed this one because I wanted to tune in. I realized it was more important to use focus as that final F I was thinking about frequency and that’s a topic for another time. I might add that into this energy recipe. It’s kind of like cayenne pepper optional. Frequency’s a little bit optional here to a degree, but focus is the final F, because here’s the thing. When it comes to manifesting, we can get distracted, things can pull us off our course. Let me know if you’ve ever had an experience where you had a dream job and what comes to mind as I was working for this one particular company and all of a sudden, you know, things weren’t going so great. It was old school, conservative style company and this hot, you know, hot shot new startup opened up. And it was essentially poaching a lot of the people where I worked. And I thought, I want to go work there and have a pool table and these special Herman Miller chairs in the soda fountain and sit on a bouncy ball and code and wear tie dye with my Birkenstocks. Yes, and not have to wear a, you know, a pinstriped suit and pantyhose to work with high heeled shoes, I wanna dress like a hippie.

And as soon as I interviewed at that point, so many people had already jumped ship from where I was working. My current company had put up a cease and desist letter. And I really thought I wanted to work for that company because everybody else was leaving. They were talking about how great it was they were there. And when I realized in the end was I was really saved from disaster because when the bubble burst in 2000, it was one of the dotcoms that went under. And at that point I’d actually moved to a different dotcom that survived the little bubble burst and it had the pool table and Herman Miller chair and a bouncy ball and my tye dye. So it all worked out. But the thing that I share about that is focus. I had lost track of my focus. Everybody else was going and I felt like I was being left behind. The fear of missing out. Oh, me come to I want to see what’s going on. And I realized, wait a second. If I had really felt into that, I would have realized that I was going more for the visual right.

Rather than the feeling in tuning into that, my focus had gotten shifted because I was influenced by others and I didn’t have that time to really hone in and focus on my feelings in my dream. So when it comes to becoming a magnetic attractor, I encourage you to just take note of these three F’s feeling. What feeling are you looking to experience?

And then from there, find take action and find that feeling represented. You know, practice a little bit like in the grocery store, like the bloodhounds sniff it out and then finally focus. Keep your eyes in the direction of where you’re going. That’s where a visual or a visual vision board can be of assistance. But stay tuned into that feeling scents. What’s the feeling tone that you’re going after? Let me know if you’ve manifested anything in your life. Let me know in the comments below. Have you manifested a car, a house, a partner, maybe a trip? Maybe you’ve won something? I always think that’s fun. That’s a fun game to play with how to become a magnetic attractor, because there’s always someone in the crowd is like, I never win anything. And I’m saying that silly like that. Right, because I’ve said that. Right. And you can shift that. I can’t tell you how many fun times I had with that. One of the first earliest memories I have is I went to my grandmother’s quilt show. I was probably about ten years old at the time, she’s magnificent quilter and you had this auction, this rally, and somebody gave me like a dollar or something to buy a raffle ticket. And he really wanted this one particular pillow that someone had quilted. And I had to leave before the raffle number was pulled. And I just in my heart of hearts was like, I could feel that pillow with me.

I could see it on my bed. I could feel what it would be like to put my head on it and just lean up against it. And the craziest thing happened was that I won. And up until that point, I hadn’t really felt like, oh, you know, like, oh, I don’t ever win anything. Everybody else wins. But there is this ability where you can shift your vibration, shift the frequency to help draw in the things that are vibrating and matching your heart. So I encourage you give this a try. Give this a play. Hello. Hello, Valerie. Great to have you, Ray. Great to have you popping in for a moment. Asmar Hello, Angie. Hello. Great to have you. Oh, and Brenda, you’ve manifested your own dream store, a vintage home decor shop and so much more. Brenda that’s wonderful. Oh, I love that. Well, congratulations, everyone, on everything that you’ve manifested and brought into your life. I look forward to hearing more about that. I hope you have an amazing day. And oh, hey, by the way, if you want more energy recipes like this and you want to join a fun, energetic community, click the link above. I’d love to have have you join in the fun and continue the conversation. All right. I’ll catch you on the flipside. Bye, guys.

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