How to Avoid Decision Remorse


Inklings ~ How to Avoid Decision

Remorse Fatigue, overwhelm, and group-think can cloud judgment. For clear heart connected thinking check this out:

There are 3 energetic states to be aware of when it comes to decision making.

? Physical Energy Body

? Emotional Energy Body

? Mental Energy Body

Too often fatigue, hunger, and disconnection crowd in unnoticed and create a dissonance in the energy bodies. And the well-being of these 3 energetic bodies can have a profound effect on the quality of decisions made.

There are 3 sacred practices that can help create harmony in these areas so that when it comes time to push that button it is done in full confidence.

?Quiet Time

?Feed Your Spirit

?Connect to the Sacred

Weave these easily into the day with practice! Looking for ways to feed your Spirit, this is the next step:

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