How do I protect myself from bad vibes when I’m on the go?


Inklings ~ How do I protect myself from bad vibes when I’m on the go?

When time is short, life is moving fast, and it was needed yesterday…here’s the free meditation that will help release the extra weight:


Hello. Hello. Welcome to Inklings with Irena, the weekly energy show connecting you to your intuitive guidance system today. The question that keeps coming up over and over with my clients is how do I protect myself from bad vibes, from just some of these crappy moments, when I’m on the go? A lot of my clients right now are traveling, they’re traveling for work. They have large speaking engagements where they’re speaking in front of well known companies and they have to stand in their expertise. They’re surrounded by people who are intense, who are practical, who want to cut to the chase, and they are really judging my client’s performance because they expect top quality. If we haven’t met yet, by the way, my name is Irena Miller. I have been guiding intuitive women, empathic, big-hearted, generous women for over 20 years in how to stay grounded, be present, and own their expertise through a variety of sacred practices.

Everything from yoga to meditation to even crystals at times. And here’s what it comes down to. There are many different paths and techniques, but it comes down to the individual. So take for example, one of my clients right now, she’s on the road and she had to take a red eye. She is getting ready to make a very big presentation and she has to take an hour long cab drive from the airport to the headquarters of this company where she’ll be speaking. Now when she’s speaking at this company, she doesn’t have much time to reorient from Pacific time into East coast time and make the transition. So when she’s in the car ride, she can’t exactly do a meditation and start saying affirmations and the like. So what are some of the things that she can do on the go? And this is what I told her because listen, you know, it’s all great to be eccentric and wild every now and then, even when you’re in the airport, you’ve seen people doing yoga poses now, right?

They even have special little lounges, but not too many people get, you know, looked at and stared for hours. Maybe a double take still. But some of these practices do warrant a little bit of like, Hmm, what’s happening? So we want to be subtle. This is where I come in as like a secret weapon. One of the things is rocks in your pockets. It’s very simple and steady. It could be as nice as saying, you know what? I want to stay grounded. I want to stay present. I want to be articulate when I give this presentation, and I don’t want these judging eyes and these high expectations of conservative East coast, you know, Ivy league graduates breathing down my neck. I want to own my expertise. It could be something as simple as having some hematite in your pocket, right? I have this wonderful bracelet that I love to wear of hematite and obsidian that’s very grounding energy.

What does it help me do? It helps me be present. It helps me, yes, to acknowledge my audience. Who am I speaking to? But it doesn’t let me be swayed by the thoughts that they’re sending my way if they’re throwing me shade, or as another one of my clients experienced when she spoke in front of 750 women at a national conference, really just gathered in her neck of the woods. What happened was she had an old toxic manager in the audience and you know she’s sending out all sorts of crazy, nasty thoughts my client’s way, and my client at first kind of caught herself and then employed the practices that I share with you. She had her crystals on hand. She was able to own her expertise and remember who she was and you know what? Let that other person fade into the wayside.

The other thing is, let’s say you’ve been at the conference, you’re back home or you’re in the hotel room and you just can’t settle to go to sleep. How do you release the negativity? Something like selenite is great. Now here’s the thing about the crystals. The power isn’t in the crystals themselves. The power is within you, remembering you, remembering that you have free will. Ultimately life is not happening to you. Just every now and then we need a little reminder, a reminder of who we are. We forget. We get lost in the constant hamster wheel of running, running, running, constantly going. We’re so depleted and drained. We’re just like something, Oh my God, I need something to help. We turn to the coffee. It only helps for so long. You know, we turned to the television to drum out some of the feelings, but then we don’t sleep at night.

Mind is active. I’ve worked with clients and when I’ve worked with them, I see all this violence in their space or energetic field and I’m like, what happened? Like, Oh, we were watching designated survivor. Okay, maybe a great show, but if you’re going to watch it, clearing your field before you go to sleep, otherwise you’re going to carry that trauma with you. It’s going to affect you day to day. The other thing that you could do, which is very simple, are hand gestures, right? Think about it. This is a way that we communicate day in, day out with one another. We might say, Hey, is everything okay? Yup. Thumbs up. Everything’s okay. You’re doing a good job. A okay. Like hi. How’s it going? Hand gestures or something that’s relatively acceptable and each one of the fingers, including that thumb, represent an element, one of the five elements and there’s a way to utilize your fingers and such an experience that you evoke a feeling of being calm, grounded, releasing the anxiety.

So my client, who’s on her way right now to speak in a little suburb of Philadelphia, one of the things that I’ve given her, which I’m going to share with you today as she goes to present before the SolarEdge company, is she can do a simple hand gesture that she could be there standing, talking to the crowd. Yeah. Oh, okay. Yeah, that’s great. And no one would know she’s doing it. This gives her the ability to tune into the feeling of calm. So again, the power is in us remembering. It’s within us saying, what’s my key again? You know, like going to see a symphony play. You hear the first violin play, you know the D and the rest of the orchestra tunes in. Oh, there’s my note there is my key. I hear it now. It’s called entrainment. So what the crystals do, what the hand gestures do.

It allows us to in train, to match up, sync up with the energy that’s very calm, confident. And so for my client today, this wonderful hand gesture I’ll share with you. You simply bring your thumb and your ring fingertip together like so. And the thumb represents fire. The ring represents the earth. And when you bring the thumb and the ring fingers together like this, and you could just have your hand by your side. Very interested. What was that? You say? Oh my goodness, right? They’re never gonna know. You might look a little look centric like this, but if you have your hand down by your side, no one’s going to know that you’re grounding. What does that do? How does that help? Why would we want it? Well, you know, when somebody is throwing shade your way or they’re trying to like say, Hey, I’m the one who knows everything here, who do you think you are?

And you’ve come to stand as the expert and give a talk and help people, you know, it can be intimidating at times. You want to own your expertise, stand your ground. So that would be a moment to use it. So know that when you’re on the go and when you’re speaking at events, if it’s a networking event and you’re just meeting new people, or heck, maybe it’s a family birthday party and aunt Susie who’s always like, so, Hey, when you get that promotion, you know, like, are you still gonna stick with that side hustle? So you’re gonna keep doing that hobby? When are you getting a real job? Oh my God. Right? How do you stand your ground and not blow up and get depleted? How do you protect yourself? Can you have rocks in your pockets or you could simply gesture it? Oh great.

Aunt Susie. Yeah. You know, that hobby of mine, it’s doing fantastic. It’s paying the mortgage. So I invite you to give these a try, and if you enjoy this, you’re going to love my energy clearing meditation. It’s free. It’s just two minutes. You can listen to it with your ear buds. Another thing that you can do on the go, I’m going to put the link above. Go ahead, download that and add it to your toolbox as a way that you can live in this world in such a joyous, free, and happy state. All right, have a wonderful day. I’ll catch you on the flip side, ma. Hi. Thanks for coming Candy. It’s so great to have you guys. Bye.

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