Friday Yoga

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ~ Alice in Wonderland


A Yoga practice helps you see the world in a totally different way! Things that seemed impossible yesterday have a new look to them today. You start to see new angles, new solutions. 

Before I started to record this class, I mentioned one of my students who came to class 2 years ago because her friend dragged her there. She wanted to lose weight and get more flexible. But she thought there was no place for her in a yoga class because she couldn’t even sit cross legged on the floor – and that’s so often the way many yoga classes begin.

I showed her another way she could sit (with her feet tucked back and on a block). That worked! Remember, Yoga needs to be flexible for you!! Not the other way around. There are sooooo many ways to do a pose – or heck! Skip it all together!!

This gal has such a tenacious spirit and when she discovered that yoga didn’t have to be done in one particular way she got into the rhythm of her breath and started to have fun!  After that first class, she felt a difference in her body – the tension and knots that were hiding had melted.

Now granted, she wasn’t able to sit cross legged by the end of that first class – because goodness! After 50 years of it being impossible it was going to take some consistency, mindfulness, and reflection to make a shift. 

But she stuck with her practice. And now 2 years later, she can sit cross legged on a block. This is huge!!!! It went from being “IMPOSSIBLE!” to “I’M POSSIBLE!” 

Imagine losing the labels that you paste onto yourself and begin to identify with.

“I’ll never be able…..I’m inflexible…..I’m not strong enough……” – let these go up in smoke with each breath and downward dog!

Then with consistency, with strategy, and with dedication declare, “I AM a bold and bright spirit who revels in believing at least 6 impossible things before a yoga practice! And I love to share them with my friends! Because they get my kinda crazy!”

The joy that comes from climbing the mountain to reach that fruit cannot ever be replaced by popping a quick pill or snapping our fingers for a fast change.

My student made herself stronger on so many levels by stepping onto her sticky mat! 

She built into her spirit by showing up to her mat each week – she believed in herself.

Her confidence soared when she went up into that handstand and had her college age son’s jaw on the floor!

The buff yoga arms she developed put her fellow teachers in awe of just how strong she had become!

She is a true yogini! If she falls down, she brushes herself off, sets a new foundation, and tries again.


“Do your practice and all is coming.” ~ K. Pattabhi Jois.


In this class you’ll get your legs and core in shape as you strengthen your back and improve your posture! Lots of modifications are given, so make it as spicy as you would like! You’ll go through Sun Salutes and some variations. Standing poses like warrior I and supine back releasers!

(legs, core, improve posture)

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