Got Overwhelm? Get Calm with Yoga.


Yoga to bring you through the fall season with Grace.


Can you do me a favor and close your eyes for a minute?

fall yoga irena lavendar


Picture the sun setting and a full moon rising over a river.  The colors of the leaves – oranges, reds, yellows – create a warm glow, just as the crispness of the fall evening starts to hit your skin.  There you sit, in a boat, floating on the water.  The peacefulness of the scene washes over you.  You are pleasantly spent after rowing in the heat of the late afternoon.  Senses alert, mind calm, feeling strong and able.  You have a sense of accomplishment and are still energized for the next adventure.

fall yoga irena lake

fall yoga irena sunset

fall yoga irena moon


This was me, in the fall of 1994.  I’ll never forget the peacefulness and hopefulness in that moment as I watched the bright, big, full autumn moon rise above the tree line.  There is something special about the fall.  Fall is a time of reaping rewards for your efforts over the year and savoring those quiet moments as the sun sets a little earlier.  

fall yoga irena lake boats

brillance of yoga at home

Being out on the water was an amazing and calming experience for me, but I don’t always have the time or the ability to go on those kinds of adventures. I still want to experience that same wonder, ease, and peacefulness, and I want to be able to get it from the comfort of my own home. And that is the brilliance of yoga. It has the power to do all of these things, and you don’t even need a boat, a crew team, or water!  You just need yourself and a sense of adventure.


fall yoga irena misty lake

You’ve Got it Going On!

Because face it, you want to feel like you’ve got it going on.  You want to be organized, not scattered.  You want to feel fit, be strong for those long hikes, and rock those skinny jeans with awesome boots!  

Hiking through the pumpkin patch everyone will wonder what you’ve been up to, as you squat with ease to lift the 30 pound pumpkin that your little one just has to have.  

fall yoga irena pumpkin patch


What about moving through the holidays with ease?  Having the right tools and techniques to get you through the family gatherings with all your hair still in place?  



fall yoga irena lotus


Specifically yoga geared for the season of fall.  

Yoga that grounds you, calms you, and prepares you for the hustle and bustle of holidays.  The type of practice where you do a little something every day because it adds up to something great.  

irena cow face pose


My daughter brought home a wonderful infographic about reading every night for 20 minutes versus just one night a week for an hour.  Over the long haul, the little one that reads every day for a short time, has a much better chance of succeeding than the little one who reads just once a week.  What would happen if you did just a pose a day?  Or reframed your thoughts in the morning, setting an intention for your day?


A little everyday.




fall yoga irena leaves

Fall is an amazing time of year, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with back to school activities, sports, dancing, scouting, trying to make dinner, and oh by the way – the holidays are knocking on your door!  Did you get that family picture calendar done yet to gift to the grandparents?  Even I’m panicking now!  I need my yoga breathing!

To help you ease into this amazing Fall season,

here’s how you can get that calm going in those in between moments:


Do just 1 yoga pose each day to boost your energy

  • Shoulder stretch – stand tall, interlace your fingers behind you, draw your shoulders back, and lengthen from from shoulders to knuckles, all while keeping your tummy engaged.


Get your yoga breathing on

  • Breathe in to a count of 4 and breathe out to a count of 4.  Do 4 rounds of this.


Light a Candle

  • Take 2 minutes, and focus on the flame of the candle.  Breathe out your worries, breathe in hope.


fall yoga irena single leaf


If you want a little help bringing yoga and this idea of reflection and renewal into your life, I have created a set of short yoga practices that will help you:

  • lose the overwhelm
  • stop feeling so scattered
  • find your calm
  • and rock those skinny jeans while pumpkin hunting!  

Theses yoga videos are easy, digestible, bite-sized practices that will fit seamlessly into your day.  


Make life easier for yourself and simply follow the yoga practices that I have customized for you in the FREE 3 Day Fall Yoga Adventure.  

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Three 5-10 minute Yoga Videos straight to your inbox.

Schedule 5-10 minutes into your calendar to practice.  You choose when!

irena yoga warrior


  • 9/19 – Yoga for Happy Lower Backs
    • Great for after big yard work projects – hello leaves!


  • 9/21 – Yoga for Happy Shoulders
    • Fabulous for releasing the stress and anxiety that creep on with holiday deadlines or figuring out the carpool.


  • 9/23 – Yoga for Focus (Slow Moving Meditation)
    • Super helpful for those times when you go into a room and forget why you’re there.  


All you need to do, is show up, do the 5-10 minute practice, and walk away feeling like a rock star!  


I’ll see you on your mat!


Love and light,

Irena magician focus

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