Fall Yoga 3 old

fall yoga adventure irena

Day 3

Flow & Go


pumpkin irena yoga


fall yoga adventure irena


fall yoga adventure irena



  • Happy Shoulders and Happy Lower Back with a sequence of yoga poses.
  • Move with the breath and release the thoughts that are distracting you from enjoying the beautiful fall colors.
  • Build strength in your legs.
  • Increase your stamina as you hold poses.
  • Get your backs and shoulders ready for all those wonderful fall hikes or long car drives to look at leaves.



  • 10 minutes



  • If you have a sticky mat great, but it’s not necessary.
  • I like to practice in my kitchen because the floor isn’t too slippery (read as, I have kids and it’s always sticky for me! Are you smiling yet?) 


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Thank you for playing with me today!  I’ll see you on your mat!


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with love and light,

yoga with irena miller