Fall Retreat 2016

fall yoga retreat irena

Fall Yoga Retreat


Irena Miller


Thank you for joining me in this special Fall Yoga Retreat. It is with great joy that I share this practice of yoga with you.

This practice is designed to help ground you, calm you, and prepare you for fall. Just like the bulbs you might plant now, with hope and faith that with a little nurturing they will bloom in the spring. It’s time to root ourselves. To get a little earthy or grounded or present. So as the hustle and bustle of holidays comes up, you will find yourself anchored in your breath. You will know how to get back to your place of calm. Peace will settle over you. And you will move through the fall season with grace.


Use this page as a guide to help you remember all the sweetness you experienced at the Fall Yoga Retreat. Create a yoga practice at home and find yourself falling into the natural rhythm of fall.


MAKE LIFE EASIER and align with the seasons

Use this Fall Yoga practice to help:

  • lose the overwhelm
  • stop feeling so scattered
  • find your calm
  • and rock those skinny jeans while pumpkin hunting!  



The practice of yoga begins now. 

pumpkin irena yoga


fall yoga adventure irena


fall yoga adventure irena


fall yoga irena


  • Grounding, calming, rooting practice. Prepare for the fall season.


  • 90 minutes



  • 2 Blocks
  • Firm Blanket or extra sticky mat (jelly roll)
  • Belt
  • Tennis Ball


Action Steps:

Schedule Your Practice

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Fall Yoga Adventure Checklist


Questions? Thoughts?



1. Metta – loving kindness meditation


2. Walking the Labyrinth

Click here for the instructions and a downloadable meditation sheet.


3. I am Meditation – Ham Sa



1. Reclined Bound Angle


2. 5 Restorative Poses to Boost Your Energy

This blog post shares 5 Restorative Poses that will boost your energy.




Thank you for playing with me!  I’ll see you on your mat!


lotus padmasana beach irena

with love and light,

yoga with irena miller