Fall Post

Summer Yoga means …

reverse warrior.jpg
  • Warm Weather = More Flexibility

    • Hip & Heart Openers

  • Longer Days = More Energy

    • Flowing Yoga Practice

  • Firey Sun = Greater Stamina

    • Longer Holds & Building Strength

  • Trips to the Beach = Strong Core

    • Hello Boat Pose!  And Plank too!

  • Hikes in the woods = Strong & Flexible Legs

    • Standing Poses

  • School’s Out For Summer! = Playfulness


lotus padmasana beach irena

Imagine you felt …

  • good in your own skin

  • strong for that long hike

  • confident in your short shorts

  • playful & open to spontaneous events

  • rested & relaxed to fall asleep with ease.

upward facing bow irena

Summer means adventures to me!  Opportunities to play outside, get my hands into the garden, hike through the woods, get on or into the water!!  Oh, the list can go on forever!

What fascinates me is how much the seasons affect me.  Whether it’s my mood, what I’m willing to eat, or how motivated I am to move my body and spirit.  

There are innate rhythms within us that, if we’re listening, will help to guide us into the right activities.  Ultimately creating harmony between our body, mind, spirit, and environment.

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