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Private Energy Sessions

When you are feeling drained, scattered, and maybe a little lost, an energy session can be a wonderful gift to give yourself.  Most people experience a deep calmness and mental clarity after a session.  Before a session begins I sit down with you and we have a brief discussion of what it is that you most hope to gain from the energy work.  During an in-person session, you will rest on a massage table, fully clothed, and covered in a warm blanket while gentle music plays in the background.  Most people like to close their eyes and simply receive the energy.  At times I may ask questions or offer you information that comes through.  My hands hover a few inches above your body and I do not need to touch you.  I usually walk around you so I can work on a different energy centers within the body.  

For a long distance healing session we will work via telephone or Zoom.  I encourage you to find a comfortable place to lie down where you will be undisturbed.  I will guide you through the process and at times ask questions.

I will create a customized energy plan just for you. All housed in Trello, you will have access to audio files of energy exercises that are just for you, meditations, recordings of your session, notes, crystals, book lists, websites, music lists, and much more. All to support you and be at your fingertips during times of chaos.

Whether it’s an in-person session or long distance healing people can experience a feeling of warmth or coolness, a few even see colors, and some feel nothing and maybe even fall asleep!  After the session, there will be some time to discuss any questions or thoughts that may have come up for you.  I will post a video shortly of a short energy session so you have a visual of what happens.  

By requesting an Energy session with me, you agree to the terms outlined here.


“I was completely overwhelmed with the beautiful combination of yoga, thai yoga, energy work, and guided mediation, that I experienced in a session with Irena.  The combination of these modalities allowed me to gently release a huge piece of old negative energy.  By the end of the session I felt competely refreshed, balanced, and with a mental clarity I have not had in some time.  I highly recommend Irena’s work as a healer.”  – Cathy, Cincinnati, Ohio


6 Class Bundle




12 Class Bundle


(a savings of $197)

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payment plan for 12 Classes over 12 weeks.


24 Class Bundle


(a savings of $587)

Payment Plan Expired

payment plan for 24 Classes over 24 weeks.

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Irena is what everyone needs in an energy guide and healer. She has a true gift for connecting with your cosmic energies and communicating with the guides and guardians around you.

She is also what everyone wants in a guide and healer. Her deep knowledge and insights are always delivered with grace and kindness. Her energy work unblocks obstacles and clears pathways so you can make the most of your life.  

~ David Rippe