Don’t Become Another Bumper Sticker


Don’t become another bumper sticker

Inklings ~ Don’t become another bumper sticker

Visualize Whirled Peas and Love Your Mother…are these just fanciful wishes…or do the thoughts and emotions that are visualized have an effect.

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? Energy can seem fake or like just another myth. Just one more thing to placate us.

? E-motions (energy in motion) and thoughts can easily be dismissed when it comes to making large forward strides. Like that old sing-songy phrase about sticks and stones breaking bones but words never hurting.

?Words can hurt. Thoughts can hurt. Emotions hit their targets.

?I want to share a story with you and let you decide. Take a listen 🙂

❤️The exciting thing is that vibration does affect us, whether we realize it or not. These invisible waves moving through the air that begin as an emotion or thought make a difference in the world.

?This is the work I do.

? I help my clients tune into the vibrations that are all around them. The energy waves that are invisible to the eye and maybe not quite on our radar. I guide my clients on how to tune into them in such a way that they can line up to achieve their dreams.

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Hello. Hello. Welcome to Inklings with Irena, the weekly energy show connecting you to your intuitive guidance system. And today I want to talk about a phrase, the phrase that vibe attracts your tribe. You know, what is that? Is it just simply a bumper sticker on the back of your car? Kind of like visualize world peace. What do these things mean? What’s the energy or the reasoning or the thought behind it? If we haven’t met yet, my name is Irena Miller. I’m an intuitive energy coach and speaker and I have been guiding visionary executives and entrepreneurs and speaking the language of intuition using a variety of ancient and modern day sacred practices. So thanks for being here. I want to get into the background behind energy and vibration because sometimes it can feel really fake, like it’s just a mess. And I know myself, I’ve questioned things at times as well as my clients.

Like is this energy thing one more item to placate me to make me feel like, Oh, you know, I’ve got some engagement or control over my life when it seems chaotic and I want to share a story with you and let you decide. So there was a wonderful, wonderful night where my daughter decided she wanted to learn the ukulele. Now we’d been given this beautiful ukulele by my grandmother to my son earlier as a gift and he’d played with it and he’d had a lot of fun with it. And my daughter just decided it was her turn. She wanted to learn to play this instrument. So of course we do the first thing, we go to YouTube, we look for some videos to try to tune it, you know, download an app. And it was wonderful. We found a wonderful way to tune into the strings.

And we had the G string, which we tuned, and then the C and then the E and the A. And it was so funny because you know, we’d be tuning the ukulele and it would be that sound that happens when you tune like ear, ear, ear, ear until you get it right. That was the G and then the C and then the E, right. And then the A, you know, it’s so wild cause we’re going through this whole like sliding pitch of sound or frequency until we get to just the right tone or note where the little app that I put on my phone says, Yes, you’ve got the A. Now the cool thing about this is we started with a G the C, the E and the A. And as soon as we got to the A, the craziest thing happened on my kitchen counter.

I had a jar of peaches. Now these peaches are part of another wild story that I’ll have to tell you at another time. But I got this wild, crazy idea to buy two pallets of peaches. Um, I was totally up-sold on it when our peach truck came through town from Georgia. Delicious peaches. But all 97 peaches decided to ripen at once on the same day and not even a gradual ripening, but like you’ve got to eat all 97 peaches right now. So I frantically learned how to can them very quickly got like the last canning pot and came home and canned them. Now this had been sitting on the counter and as I was tuning the instrument with my daughter, the ukulele, we got to that A and the peach jar lid tinged. Oh my gosh. It was a crazy thing. I’ve got chills even thinking about it now.

It was in tune with the vibration or the frequency of A, Oh, Oh my gosh. Even each energy center corresponds to a note on the keyboard. That’s why singing things like Doe, Ray me, um, dough with deer, a female deer will tune your Chakras. That’s a quick tip. If your Chakras feel out of balance, you can just sing. DOE a deer do re MI FA. So LA ti DOE and tune all your Chakras, your energy centers. Oh my goodness. But this is wild and there’ve been wonderful scientific studies done behind the way vibration affects matter and maybe you’ve heard of Dr Massarelli Emoto and the hidden messages in water. He did an incredible study on the effects of music, words, the energy of love or hate on water and the crystalline structure of it. And if you were to just Google, you know, hidden messages in water or dr Emoto, you would see these beautiful crystalline shapes that had been exposed to words like love, how beautiful and symmetrical they were, an intricate compared to the water that had been exposed to where it’s like hate or you’re terrible or you stink.

How those crystalline structures were misshapen and they had odd colors to them. This is an amazing thing that you can do even at home. You can experiment with this taking some rice and a little bit of water. You take white rice, a little bit of water and you can take messages of love or play beautiful music to the one set of rice versus the other set, which you mistreat a little bit, and you’ll see how the composition of them changes over time. You can Google that as well to find more information. But the exciting thing is that vibration affects us whether we realize it or not, these invisible waves moving through the air. And this is the work I do. I help my clients tune into the vibrations that are all around them, that are invisible to the eye and maybe not quite on our radar, but to tune into them in such a way that they can line up to achieve their dreams. So to continue the conversation with me, click on the link above. I’m so glad you stopped by and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Bye guys.

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