“Develop a Thick Skin”…they said…

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…hmm…developing a thick skin is such a frustrating idea. Not to mention, how much it lacks a certain cuddling desirability.

“They’re as a prickly as a pear!”

I love how there is a whole set of vernacular phrases and idioms that have woven their way into our everyday language that represent energetic experiences.

Yet it’s like the amazing Indian Baby Shower that I just attended – meanings can get lost along the way.

During the Baby Shower all these amazing ceremonies were performed for the radiant mother and her unborn baby. Another guest and I were so enamored by the beautiful rituals that we kept asking one question after another!

What’s in the rice? Why do you place it on her hair? The bangles, what are they for? (To soothe the unborn baby.) Why do you place this bright red powder (kumkum) on her forehead? Why so many sweets and fruits? What about the flowers in her hair? 🙂

We were very blessed to have a helpful and enthusiastic guide to share what he knew about the special ceremony. And what he also shared was that much of the meaning, the symbolism, was lost along the way.

You just do the actions because that’s what you were told to do, that’s what you saw your family doing…….

How often do you continue family traditions whose meaning got lost somewhere along the way? Like a bad game of telephone?

There are so many traditions, rituals, and phrases that simply get taken for granted or at face value and the treasure gets buried along the way.

Here’s the cool thing.

You may not always know the meaning or reason behind certain traditions, yet if you do the actions with love in your heart you will benefit from these amazing moments in time.

You will be able to connect on an energetic level to what’s going on beneath the surface and feel the joy that comes from tuning in to the unspoken explanations.

My friend’s Baby Shower was transformative. The curious guest and myself were welcomed with open arms and invited to join in the celebration and ceremony. We were able to shower love on the glowing mama and her precious unborn little one. Our actions and intentions were based in love and we felt the sacredness in that moment – with each flower we wove into her hair, each sweet placed at her feet, and the joy-filled laughter that rang through the hall.

So when you feel yourself frazzled, at wit’s end, and that hunger deep inside – take a moment to pause.

What phrase might come to your mind?

Maybe it’s not in the cards today 🙂

Or maybe you’ve been burning the candle at both ends.

Once in a blue moon you find yourself energized!

The goal is to be playful!! Work that imagination muscle!!! And….

“What if ‘Developing a Thick Skin” meant something else entirely?”

Watch the video above to find out the updated way to ‘develop a thicker skin.’

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