Day 8

Build a Consistent Home Practice

April 1 – 29, 2016


Day 8 – Meditation

You are what you think!  Welcome to Day 8!  

Where our mind goes there our energy flows!  

Fabulous job, jumping right into the practice this week!  Today we have a meditation, please set aside 10 minutes to practice.

As we talked about on Day 3 there are many different ways to meditate.  Here is another option that will be interesting to play with – using a mantra.

Now you may ask yourself, what is a mantra?  A mantra is a set of words or a phrase that is meaningful to you that is repeated again and again.  It could be like the Little Blue Engine’s, “I think I can!  I think I can! I think I can!”.  

The intention behind using a mantra is to help quiet and focus the mind on one thing.  And because our energy goes towards what we’re thinking about, it is important to choose your mantra mindfully.  We have an incredible ability to bring about that which we put our attention on.  So for today’s practice, we will use the mantra HAM SA.

HAM SA means “I am That”.  This mantra reinforces the fact that what we focus upon ultimately becomes part of our identity.   I am strong!  I can do this!  I am creative!  Henry Ford’s words come to mind, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”  

Working with the mantra, HAM SA, is an opportunity for us to connect with our own identity and to have an experience of connecting with the Great I AM.  We take a moment to recognize that we are a part of a bigger picture.  Our actions, thoughts, and words ripple out affecting those around us and beyond.  We are not isolated and abandoned but we are loved and connected.  We can make a difference.

I invite you to experience this connection.  Play along in the video below.

Keep breathing and smiling!  I’ll see you tomorrow. 🙂


Quick Question

Fill in the blank:

I am ___________________ . 

Let me know in the form below or a comment on Facebook.  🙂


Here’s mine:

I am grateful that you are here!


Quick Reminder:

The intention for this 21 Day Challenge series is to do something everyday Monday – Friday.  We are focusing on doing the basics at home and getting into a rhythm.  Pace and modify according to you needs.  I will always give you options.  Remember you know yourself best, listen to your instincts.



Download Your Journal Page

Click on here to download the Journal Page (then simply click the print icon or download arrow to save it to your computer).  I have filled in a sample one for you to see at the bottom of the page.  Get creative and find wonderful color pens!


Let’s play!

Here’s the video to guide you through the meditation.  Check it out!  Remember to share comments on my Facebook page or share pictures of your 21 Day Challenge with me on Instagram.


Benefits of Meditation


  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety

  • Improve Optimism

  • Calm the Mind

  • Increase Energy

  • Improve Concentration

  • Boost Immune System

  • Lower Blood Pressure


Journal Example


with light and love,

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