Day 4

Build a Consistent Home Practice

April 1 – 29, 2016


Day 4

Wonderful!  Welcome to Day 4!  

You are on fire!  Keep on going!  

I hope you enjoyed walking the labyrinth and are ready for some movement.  Today we have about a 14 minute vinyasa (a linking of yoga poses) to help fire your core.  Because it’s round about the 3rd or 4th day that we can lose our resolve it’s important that we fire up our bellies, commit to this endeavor, and dig deep!  You got this!  

You are doing something so wonderful for yourself and it will benefit all of the people around you too!  The peace and light heartedness that you feel will rub off 🙂  And you will naturally draw more people to yourself who can see the sunny side of life.

Props Needed:

For this vinyasa (yoga sequence) it would be nice if you had two yoga blocks.  It’s ok if you don’t have them, it just puts an interesting spin on the practice and gives your legs a little more swing through room making it easier.  


Quick Reminder:

The intention for this challenge is to do something everyday Monday – Friday.  We are focusing on doing the basics at home and getting into a rhythm.  Some of you might find these vinyasas a little challenging or maybe not so much (there is always something to be gained from practicing).  Pace and modify according to you needs.  I will always give you options.  Remember you know yourself best, listen to your instincts.

These vinyasas that I’m sharing with you are some of my favorite quick pick me ups.  They have helped me when I came home after a long day in the office and what seemed like an even longer commute.  Those days when you just want to stay in bed or crawl into it early.  The yoga will help you to release the fatigue and as soon as your body gets moving you will feel better!  You’re just one yoga practice away from a smile!

I invite you to give this a try.  


Download Your Journal Page

Click on here to download the Journal Page (then simply click the print icon or download arrow to save it to your computer).  I have filled in a sample one for you to see at the bottom of the page.  Get creative and find wonderful color pens!


Let’s play!

Here’s the video to guide you through the vinyasa.  Check it out!  Remember to share comments on my Facebook page or share pictures of your 21 Day Challenge with me on Instagram.


Benefits of Vinyasa

(Linking Yoga Poses with Breath):

  • Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

    • Take a look at your eyes in the mirror before you practice.  Notice the quality of light in your eyes.  Is there a sparkle?  What is your level of worry on a speedometer of 0-100%?  How much of that worry really is your’s?  Notice how the movement of this practice will move these big feelings up and out.  Then always fill back up with a beautiful golden pink light – wash it over your body.
  • Calms the Mind

    • Moving with the breath will calm the waters of the mind.  Deep breathing in and out will lower blood pressure and bring you to a place where you feel space between thoughts.  There will be room to breathe and simply be.
  • Increase Energy

    • Even when you feel sluggish and tired and just want to run to the fridge for a quick energy hit.  Yoga is a better choice.  Try just doing a downward dog or puppy pose and see how bringing your head lower than your heart can help boost your energy.
  • Feel Stronger and More Flexible

    • We’re using a lot of body weight resistance, holding ourselves in planks, downward dogs, and a few more poses too.  With these same poses we open and lengthen our body.   And with repetition you’ll find that it’s easier to reach up for your favorite cup on that high shelf.  Or even to reach into the back seat of the car.
  • Improve Cardiovascular Conditioning

    • In the beginning we may need to take an extra breath or two in a pose.  Over time you will find your lung capacity and breathing improve as you link movement and breath.  



Journal Example


with light and love,

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