Day 13

Build a Consistent Home Practice

April 1 – 29, 2016


Day 13 – Meditation

Look within!  Your answer is waiting for you! Welcome to Day 13!  


Visualize a beautiful flame that burns brightly and steadily within the center of your chest.  Imagine its colors, the reds, oranges, yellows, and bright blue at its center.  It creates a glow that illuminates the corners of your being.  This flame is unwavering and steady no matter how the winds blow and emotions roll.  To anchor and ground ourselves, we look within and connect to this light.

When life gets chaotic and busy the smallest hiccup can throw us off center.  Leaving us with a feeling of disorientation and frustration.  If you take just the briefest of moments to pause, to breathe, and to visualize that flame in your heart center, you will be able to switch the dial.  You will tune into a new frequency of steadiness, hope, and love.  A frequency that comes from that light within, that peace that passes all understanding.  

It is possible to make our choices from our heart center and follow through with love based actions.

When we connect to our own light, we can see others’ light more clearly and shine it back to them.  Know this, when people are truly seen, not just rushed by, but acknowledged and validated, they shift for the better.

You can be this bright light by offering a kind, uplifting word to the busy cashier, a cart to the shopper behind you, or sharing the beauty that you see in others.  You can become a mirror for the light within your friends and loved ones, reflecting their inner flame.  Remind them that peace is possible.  It is one of the greatest gifts we can give.  


Plan for 9 minutes with today’s meditation.




Once we complete our 21 day journey together I will leave up the pages and videos for an extra week.  Then on May 8th they all will be coming down.  If you’ve missed a practice, or 2, or 3 🙂 sneak them in on the weekends, or the extra week we’ll have.  Because they’ll be going away May 8th.  The next challenge will be in July.  So mark your calendars!  It will be great to take with you on vacation!


Quick Question


CAMPFIRES!  What’s your favorite thing to do around a campfire?  Roast marshmallows or Sing Songs?  

Here’s mine:  Sing Songs.  Although, I’m not opposed to a marshmallow making an appearance 🙂  especially if chocolate and graham crackers come along too!!  Hello s’mores!


Let me know your campfire favorites in the form below or a comment on Facebook.  🙂  


Quick Reminder:

The intention for this 21 Day Challenge series is to do something everyday Monday – Friday.  We are focusing on doing the basics at home and getting into a rhythm.  Pace and modify according to you needs.  I will always give you options.  Remember you know yourself best, listen to your instincts.



Download Your Journal Page

Click on here to download the Journal Page (then simply click the print icon or download arrow to save it to your computer).  I have filled in a sample one for you to see at the bottom of the page.  Get creative and find wonderful color pens!


Let’s play!

Here’s the video to guide you through the meditation.  Check it out!  Remember to share comments on my Facebook page or share pictures of your 21 Day Challenge with me on Instagram.


Benefits of Meditation


  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety

  • Improve Optimism

  • Calm the Mind

  • Increase Energy

  • Improve Concentration

  • Boost Immune System

  • Lower Blood Pressure



Journal Example



with light and love,

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