Copy of Copy of Y.E.S. August Week 2

The Yoga Club with Irena

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Yoga Club with Irena - Live bite sized yoga practices

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full Moon Adventure

August 15, 2019
6-6:30 AM ET

NEW Moon Adventure

August 30, 2019
11-11:30 AM ET

July’s Moon Adventures

LEO New Moon

Explore unconditional love on the mat with this practice. Connecting to community to remind you of your gifts and talents. Let go of Karmic Patterns that have kept you trapped in illusion and stuck. A sweet reminder that your practice compounds over time and creates multiple benefits for you. Strengthen your core, find the mid-line, and enjoy flying through variations of Warrior III and Warrior 1. Open your hips as you fly into and out of eagle in this warrior dance.

(core, back, hips)

Capricorn Full MOon

June’s Moon Adventures

Gemini new moon

Fire up that core to have the jet fuel necessary to run your dreams! Play through plank, side plank, and variations of chair.



A practice to wake you up.

2 minute go-to mantra for strength – your very own special set of words to help keep you shed the doubt and worry. Then flow through a physically strengthening practice for your core.

(mantra, core, legs, tummy, back, improve posture, burn calories)

Great for Afternoon or Evening

Hippy hip yoga!! Work those hips! Open and release tight inner thighs, hip flexors, and side bodies! Then strengthen those legs in Warrior II and Crescent (modified Warrior I) poses. Improve your posture, strengthen your back, and feel like a million dollars after this practice!

(hips, inner thighs, hip flexors, side bodies, posture, strengthen back)

Wild Wonderful Wacky Yoga – Intermediate to Advanced Practice

A strong core workout dancing through variations of warrior poses. And super sweet shoulder openers. It’s all about expansion and contraction. Join me for this cosmic dance where the best creations can rise out of letting go of the past.

(core, shoulders, heart openers, legs)

* Remember this is an Intermediate/Advanced class designed for the yogi who has been playing for a little while and wants to up the ante and learn some of the finer details on how to get into poses like crane, headstand, upward facing bow, wild thing……..and much more!

(Please remember to listen to your breath and body as you do any practice. When you are trying to determine your ‘edge’ – how far you should go in a pose, pay attention to your breath. If you are holding your breath, grasping for it, or breathing short, quick breaths come out of the pose – you’re pushing too hard. The goal is to breathe even, steady breaths in all that you do. They may not always be deep but they are steady.)

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