Gluten Free Bread

Gluten Free Bread

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to flour based breads, that’s yummy and nutritious, I have a great recipe to share with you!  This has quickly become a staple for me and I make it every week.  It’s wonderful to have with hummus or with soup and salad!  And it makes a great snack in the afternoon for a quick energy pick me up!

I found this recipe for Superfood Bread in Ella Woodward’s cookbook  – Deliciously Ella.  She has over 100 healthy, plant-based, and gluten free recipes in this book.  I have been trying out as many of the recipes that I can.    

For this recipe, it’s good to plan ahead because there is some waiting time involved.  Otherwise it’s fairly straightforward and uncomplicated.  It even freezes well, so you can save some and be prepared for those moments when you don’t have much time.  

Some of the ingredients might be difficult to find in your local store and I do recommend using a food processor – it makes the job much easier.  Some of the tough ingredients to find might be the buckwheat flour and psyllium husk (if they’re not in your area you can click on their bolded names and it will bring you to a place where you can find them in Amazon).

Watching “how to” videos can be great fun, so I thought you might enjoy seeing my attempt at making this gluten free bread.  I had my wonderful son, Chace, film, edit, and produce the video below.  So you’ll get to come into my kitchen and join me on this adventure!

Please note that I have made some changes to suit my taste – like using Buckwheat Flour (which is actually not wheat) and flax seeds instead of chia.  You’ll notice that I didn’t use enough water in the video and Chace has added a footnote for the correct amount.

Let me know what you think of this recipe on my Facebook page.  Do you have another recipe you love to use?

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Click on this link to find the exact recipe for Superfood Bread in Ella Woodward’s cookbook:  Deliciously Ella