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Welcome, Alively!


As a healthy gal on the go, you have many things going on at once and you don’t have time for sore shoulders, an achy back, or foggy brain.  In about 10 minutes you can fill your well, release those aches, and get back on top of your game. Choose one or many based on what you need most in this moment.



Wake up with Yoga!

You’re as young as your spine is flexible! This practice is perfect for when you’re dragging!

Length:  9:33 minutes

Props:  None


Sitting at Your Desk Too Long

Need a quick afternoon pick me up? Try this sweet, simple, and succinct yoga practice!

Length:  7:36

Props:  None


energy & mood booster

When you need a quick energy boost to help you get through the home stretch and finish your project!

Length:  11:17

Props:  None


Say Adios to that pain in the neck


open the shoulders

Between answering texts and sharing adventures with your friends on Facebook, your neck can take quite a beating! It’s time to release the tension in your neck and say goodbye to “text neck”.

Length:  10:33 minutes

Props:  Yoga Block or Full Tissue Box


Sitting for too long?


Hip openers to get your blood pumping

When you lose track of time and realize that you’ve been at your laptop for 3 hours without even standing up and your legs are falling asleep!

Length:  10:57 minutes

Props:  None


For those long days…


Achy lower back?

The stress of #doingallthethings can cause a lot of lower back tension. Here’s a simple practice to alleviate the backaches.

Length:  16:03 minutes

Props:  Block is a nice to have, but you can get creative and use a full tissue box or Harry Potter book or pillow…..




When you stay up Too late!

and coffee is no longer working! This is the yogi’s version of a power nap!

Length:  9:57


Trouble with Focus and Productivity?


connect with your inner guidance system

The world can get quite noisy. To the point where you can’t even hear yourself think! Try this Meditation on those days when you need to focus and get things done!

Length:  8:25 minutes

Props:  None


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