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Hi, I’m Irena!

energy alchemist • healer • spiritual life coach








Hi, I’m Irena!

• energy alchemist
• healer
• spiritual life coach

I believe…

… in miracles.

… we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

… that there are more things in heaven and earth than we can see or know.

… that a spiritual journey is a leap of faith and is rooted in trust.

… that we have friends in high places – Angelic guidance and support.

… that everyone has the gift of intuition.

… that through playfulness and joy we find peace.

… that we are destined to explore.

… that we can make informed choices with sacred practices.

… that we are not alone.

… in angels.

… that a spiritual path is full of opportunities for adventure.

… that you create your life, rather than let it happen to you.

… that action is necessary to foster inspiration.

… that with consistency and practice transformation can happen.

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My Strengths


As an empath, I have the ability to pick up on the feelings, emotions, and energy you carry. I can sense things like physical injuries, ancestral karma, and past experience that has created limiting beliefs.



Curiosity and a strong desire to get to the root of the energetic misalignment keeps me going. My heart’s desire is to connect you with your inner power and strength so that you too can have access to a limitless source of energy.



Action requires faith and faith is rooted in hope. It’s not always possible to see, touch, or taste everything in the world around us. Yet there are still radio waves, bluetooth signals, and wifi in the air. My intention is to make the invisible world visible and teach about the tools and sacred practices that make it easier to see.


Meet Irena

You may wonder why I’m drawn to all things spiritual and why I want to experience it first hand in nature….(answers can be found in my natal chart ? and if you want to know why you’re drawn to things as well, I can read yours here.)

Let me start at the beginning…

My mom had a beautiful guardian Angel picture over my toddler bed. And every night she as she put me to bed, we would say our evening prayers. During those night time routines, she

instilled within me all the beloved wisdom that she had learned from her aunts who were nuns; even singing me their favorite hymns, which I soaked up like a sponge!

Coming from a large Irish family where every generation has their own band, music was a central piece of growing up, but it wasn’t the only thing passed on to me. I also received what we lovingly called the “wee giftie.” 

I grew up hearing the stories of my great-grandmother who just knew when someone was hurt and of my great-grandfather who could heal animals. My grandmother’s right ear would burn and ring and my mom’s had premonition dreams. 

For me, I couldn’t quite keep the “dreamworld” and the “waking world” separate. Now I know I am an empath, but as a child experiencing this, there were many challenge moments. 

I would share information only to have a teacher tell me that I was lying. I wasn’t, I just knew things they didn’t want me to know. Or I’d resist hugging that creepy second cousin because I just knew. 

As I grew older, I realized I wasn’t reading a book by its cover and pre-judging these people. I was actually “energetically reading” them and picking up on who they truly were. I didn’t have any logical facts to back up why they didn’t feel safe, I just knew, hugging them was a bad idea.

But that confusion of not being able to explain myself fueled my curiosity to learn more. I was drawn to dive deep into the mystical practices through a dedicated study and practice of the sacred arts, spiritual shamanic paths, healing energy, tarot, crystals, yoga, meditation, and learning from the great teachers who walked before us.

Now, after nearly 20 years of studying and teaching, I want to share these pearls of wisdom, because you, too, may know deep down there’s something more to your intuition and “gut” feelings than you’ve been told.

I have seen the difference they have made in my life and my clients. This life is an adventure and I have stepped into my calling as a Spiritual Guide to connect empaths to the life they were born to live! Will you join me for the adventure of a lifetime?

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