Build a Consistent Home Practice


Why practice yoga at home?

Do you ever get tight shoulders or an achy lower back?  

It’s not always easy or possible to run out to a yoga studio or massage therapist.  Sometimes, you’ve gotta just make the best of the moment and soldier through.

What if you had the tools and knowledge of what to do to alleviate those tension headaches and sore lower backs from sitting at a desk all day?  What if you realized that a downward dog can leave you feeling refreshed and alert after a long day?  How about a series of yoga poses that dissipate the irritations that rush hour traffic brings?


Yoga can be done anywhere and at anytime.  

In this series of 5 practices, you’ll discover that it’s 


Irena as your guide

There are tons of yoga resources out there – videos, books, workshops, classes.  So much it’s overwhelming and confusing as to where you should begin.  What I offer is connection and relationship.  With over 20 years of doing and teaching yoga, it is natural for me to connect the dots.   It is my joy to bring together all those random bits of information in an accessible, easy, and playful way, just for you!


Here’s what to Expect:  

You will receive 5 yoga practices from me.   Yoga is more than just the physical postures.  Mediation and breath exercises are also a part of it.  The goal of this 5 day practice is to give you a little taste of the different ways yoga can be practiced. 

Take a look at these e-mails before you start your practice and plan:

  1. What time will you practice?

  2. Where will you practice?

  3. Get acquainted with the practice – watch the video.  (Become familiar with the sequences and really watch before you try.  Some of these you may want to do more than once or hold for longer periods of time.)

  4. Print off your downloadable journal sheet.

  5. If there’s any set up you feel you need to do, (water bottles, mat, props, clothes) get it ready the night before.  (Sometimes just a 5 minute delay will sabotage the best laid plans).



Receive 5 Days of Yoga straight to your inbox!  My gift to you!

Let’s Do This!

Here’s what to expect:

  • Basic Set Up Information
  • 3 Flowing Yoga Practice Videos
    • (15-20 minutes long)
  • Meditation Practice
  • Gentle Restorative Yoga Practice


I’ll see you on your mat!


Comments or Questions?  Send them to me here and I will get back with you as soon as I can.