5 Steps to Manifesting Your Dream


5 Steps


Manifesting Your Dream

(How Yoga Can Help)

Ever wonder why some dreams just don’t take root?  A moment of inspiration hits us.  We can see it happening.  We get excited and share this dream with others.  Our heart is pumping now!  Then the bottom drops out.

Where does that dream go?  What happened to all that enthusiasm and passion?

It’s time to light a fire, do a little yoga, and figure it out.  

irena yoga flame


Dreams Begin with Inspiration and Visualizing

The fall and winter create wonderful opportunities for day-dreaming.  A season of air to sweep us off into our thoughts.  Maybe you find yourself in the fall reflecting on your year. What you planted, what grew, and what you harvested. And in the winter perhaps you are drawing out plans for a summer garden. Or simply being inspired by the seed catalogs.

irena yoga meditation chartres

Dreams Need Passion and Deep Feeling

As spring arrives, you move out of daydreaming mode and into a deep feeling sense.  The warmth of the sun on your skin after a long winter.  The smell of flowers in the garden.  A desire to create beauty all around yourself.  Feel the excitement building as you put action into the plans you made in winter.

irena yoga sun ray

Yet daydreaming and passion aren’t enough to manifest a dream.  Dreams require much more than that.


The Path from Dreaming to Manifesting



When that light bulb goes on over your head, take the time to:


  • SEE yourself living your dream  

  • SHARE this dream with a confidant  

  • Let your heart bloom with ANTICIPATION and EXCITEMENT  


And know that these steps are fun and lighthearted, it doesn’t cost you anything physical to dream and talk.  You are more in the realm of spirit, water, and air – inspired, dreaming, and talking.



Use Fire and Earth to:


  1. Stir Up the Fire In Your Belly

  2. Put Value Behind Your Dream

  3. Set Down Strong Roots

  4. Bide Your Time – Patience

  5. Keep Showing Up – Perseverance


The yogis knew that your internal landscape mirrors your physical experience and vice versa.  If thoughts engulf you, action will elude you.  If it’s all action and no thought, it’s wasted effort.  How can yoga help us to manifest our dreams?  Try the 5 steps above with yoga poses to activate the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st chakras.  

I invite to you to join me in my garden and try these yoga postures that create strong roots and flexibility, all while stirring the fire of courage in your belly!  


Are you ready?


5 Steps to Manifesting Your Dream


1. Stir Up the Fire In Your Belly


Do you have the fire in your belly to make this happen?  There will be ups and downs in pursuit of your dream.  Prepare, and take courage – don’t live in fear.  This is your chance to let your true colors shine.  No more hiding behind talk.  

Remember as Martha Graham said, “What people in the world think of you is really none of your business.”

This is your dream!  Get your fire going!


Modified Boat to Fire Belly

Activate the Third Chakra

irena yoga boat navasana
  1. Lean back, draw the lower belly in,  and lift your feet.
  2. Legs bent, hold onto your shins.

  3. Press shins and hands into each other and look forward.



Full Boat


irena yoga navasana boat
  1. Continuing from the previous pose.
  2. Hold the backs of your legs.

  3. Stretch those legs straight!

  4. Press the backs of your legs into your hands and lift your chest.

  5. Look towards your feet.


2. Put Value Behind It

It’s time to get those creative juices flowing and put your money where your mouth is.  Because if you don’t put something of tangible value behind your dream, you’re showing the universe that it doesn’t really hold value for you.  The dream will fizzle out.  



Activate the Second Chakra

irena yoga bhujangasana cobra
  1. From your belly, place your hands flat on the ground next to the chest.
  2. Lift the head of your shoulders, drawing shoulder blades towards one another.

  3. Gently curl the chest forward and up, pressing the hands into the earth.

  4. Look straight ahead or up to the sky.


irena yoga cobra bhujangasana

You always have the choice to do a baby cobra.  Don’t lift up so high if your lower back is unhappy.  Keep your chest just a few inches from the earth.




3. Set Down Strong Roots

You are getting ready to give birth to your dream and it needs strong roots and the ability to adapt with great patience.  Think of a nurturing mother.



Activate the First Chakra


irena yoga malasana squat
  1. Place feet outer hips distance wide and firmly planted on the earth (the heels must be pressing into something – this is great to do on a hillside).  
  2. Gently lower the hips towards the earth.  

  3. If this hurts your knees, sit on a little stool in this squatting position.

  4. Knees and toes always should point in the same direction.


Modified Squat

irena yoga skandasana squat
  1. This is a fun variation to the squat.

  2. From the squat, slowly stretch one leg off to the side, knee and toes pointed to the sky.




4. Bide Your Time

Dreams like babies need time to gestate.  It’s wise not to rush these things.  

irena yoga sukhasana contented pose

Contented Pose



  1. Listen to the sound of your breath.

  2. With every inhale, silently say to yourself, Ham.

  3. With every exhale, silently say to yourself, Sa.

  4. Ham Sa = I Am That.


Thoughts are powerful.  Remember, where your attention goes, there your energy flows.


5. Keep Showing Up

Perseverance and determination will set your dream apart from others.

irena yoga flowers

Even when things get difficult or uncomfortable keep showing up.  



This is your dream.


Check out the special yoga hand gesture to help you manifest your heart’s desire.

Where’d Your Spark Go?

There are some days when we just don’t feel like ourselves.  Or maybe we wake up one day and realize that years have gone by and we still haven’t discovered that spark within.  Could it be that there are layers of marble covering our spark?  Maybe it’s just tight muscles and stiff joints.  Or maybe it thoughts weighing us down.  What can we do to find our spark?