3 Steps to Feeling More Peaceful Every Day



Hello, Hello and Welcome to Inklings with Irena…The Weekly Energy Show connecting you to your Intuitive Guidance System. And today I’m talking about the three steps to help you connect to peace every day or to connect with peace. So thanks so much for joining me. My name is Irena. If we haven’t met yet, I’m an Intuitive Energy Guide, Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Alchemist. It is my duty to weave together these sacred practices that I’ve been studying for over two decades. Everything from yoga to crystals to cards to tuning forks. Oh my goodness. I love to learn these sacred practices and create specific energy recipes to serve my clients and you. I’m so glad you’re here. So as you jump on, let me know where in the world you are. Is it cool where you are? Is it sunny and hot and are you in the in the celebrating mood?  If you’re watching with me live we are near the holidays and it is a time of year where peace can very much be on people’s minds and in people’s hearts. But it can also be the last thing that we feel because we’re rushing against deadlines. And these deadlines some of them are in our hands and some of them are out of ours.

I saw this great meme because I was on a call with a client today and she said, I need to stop tracking packages because packages are taking their time.

We have no control over when they will arrive for the holidays. And this meme that I saw said, stop tracking packages, it’s in the Lord’s hands now. And I got a giggle, but it made me think of what I want to share with you today, which is the three P’s to experiencing Peace in everyday living. The first P, and this is what I’ve been sharing with my clients and working on myself for years on. I’m still working on myself with this. So it’s definitely in action experience. But the first P is Pace. You know, sometimes we have deadlines that we are rushing up against and when it comes to peaceful living, it’s important to evaluate these deadlines. Sometimes are deadlines we place on ourselves. Like I have one client who’s getting ready to launch a new program, and she had it all set to launch mid January. And as she gets closer to that launch date, she realizes, wait a second, if I hold myself to that deadline, I’m not going to have any peace over the holidays. I won’t have a chance to serve my clients best and be with my family. So she’s giving herself a moment to evaluate the pacing that’s been set.

Now, sometimes pace is out of our control. Other people set it for us. I mean, maybe the boss at work, we have a deadline to meet, but there are ways that we can approach pace that is very loving. So, for example, maybe we decide that sleep is important. There’s only so many hours in the day, but because sleep is important, will prioritize that because that’s very loving towards yourself or maybe, let’s say, you know, watching a favorite show or maybe exercising at that moment in time just for a temporary period. But we can adjust the pace a little bit.

Hello. Good to have you, Karen. So great. So, yeah, give me a quick shout out when you jump on. And so great to have you from Hawaii. And is it do you pronounce your name Wana. Oh, it’s such a beautiful name. It’s so cool to connect with you live. Yeah.

So that pace is an important aspect to having peace somewhere along the way and I couldn’t find it. I tried looking it back up on Google, but maybe you found this once upon a time I heard the Dalai Lama say that everybody would be more peaceful if we just left a half an hour earlier to get to our destination. And I love that because it is so true. Often we’re rushing against the clock. We’re trying to meet these deadlines. So when it comes to everyday peace, double check the pace, the pace that you’ve either set for yourself or that someone else is set for you and refine and adjust it to bring more peace into everyday living. A large part of the energy we’re moving into after the Saturn Jupiter conjunction that happened on Monday on the winter solstice is based on being loving towards ourself. We’re moving out of the old Capricorn Energy of, you know, I’m going to achieve A, B, C and get these letters after my name and have this career, because a lot of times when we set those kind of ideals, we forget to take into account our feelings and the fact that we might want rest time or play time. If we didn’t, we didn’t include that. So check in with the pacing. The next one is Pathway. Now, this is a really interesting one for me. I get goosebumps because I like to take the hard way. And I think about this often because when people have been in my life, who’ve been very sweet and are like Irena just make it easy on yourself.

Use paper plates for the holiday or, you know, make it easier on yourself. You don’t have to run to that store to get that item, just make do with this. And usually, you know. You know. All right. Yes, it makes sense, but it’s frustrating and thought, why do I always take the hard way? And so it started to percolate within me that there’s something that comes, a satisfaction that comes from challenges, versus empty wins. There’s this great feeling of preparing for a marathon. I ran a half marathon years ago and it was thrilling. I didn’t know if I make it like even make it to the event because I got an injury along the way. And it was tough waking up every morning and, you know, getting in those miles and running, running, running, because I’m not a runner. And I did check it and get it off my bucket list. And I haven’t been back in like ten years. Maybe I’ll revisit one day. But but it was thrilling to get to the other side to cross the finish line. It was hard. It wasn’t an easy path, but there was such great reward in working towards something, towards this big goal. So when I talk about pathway and finding peace every day, there’s an important distinction between taking the hard way versus the easy way, because a lot of people in the world of Woo, they’ll talk about taking the path of least resistance. And something that I’ve really come to learn over the years is that doesn’t have to be the easy way.

It definitely could be. But for those of you out there who like a challenge, who you know, who who find reward at showing up and working hard or working in such a way that you feel like I’ve pushed beyond what I thought was capable of myself not pushing too much or pushing so far that you burn out, but just doing more than you thought was humanly possible for yourself. There’s some kind of exhilaration that comes with that. So I invite you when you look at your pathway to start to evaluate, is it just that you’re pushing or is it that you’re kind of playing with what you thought was even possible for yourself? But evaluating your pathway is a big, big step on the road towards everyday peaceful experiences. And again, I’m going to come back to kind of the common theme, the way you can double check it, like, is this a pathway towards peace? Check in and see if it’s loving towards yourself. So, like with the example of running the marathon, when I got injured, I realized if I keep running at the pace that I have been, then I’m only going to make it worse. And I may not get to the race at all. So to be loving towards myself, I needed to pull back on my training a little bit. I went to see a variety of healers and it was wonderful. First time I experienced cranial sacral therapy was 10 years ago with that, and that was amazing. It really helped the healing process. So the final piece is Practicality.

I make that noise. I really need to hear all of this. I think I channeled this because I needed this information and I wanted to share it with you. But practicality, sometimes our eyes are just too big for our tummies.

And I say that because, you know, if you’ve ever had that experience where something looks so good and you’re like, oh, my gosh, I can’t wait to devour that wonderful holiday feast. And then it’s like, oh, why did I do that? I ate too much. My eyes were bigger than my stomach.

But there are times where especially around goal setting, which at the end of one year getting ready for the next, there is a lot of goal setting that’s happening and we can slip into that Capricorn Energy because we’re in the sun sign of Capricorn and say, OK, my goals for this new year, I’m going to like in the first quarter sign this many clients. I’m going to sell this many widgets. I’m going to have this is my word of the year and I’m going to travel here and go there and we make all of these plans. But if we were to kind of scale back and look at the practicality of it, again, like with the peace in the pathway, we might realize, wow, this isn’t very loving towards myself. Or you might realize, oh, I’m trying to reach a certain ideal that maybe has been set by example by another. But it’s not necessarily for me. And that’s kind of one of what I say is like a cool tip to take into account, you know, one of these, like, cooking tips. It’s like, oh, you know, for great success, take this into account, which is it’s wonderful to have heroes and mentors and to be inspired by others. But when we try to emulate them very closely, it can get very frustrating if you’ve ever. I tend to be shorter, short legs and my husband’s very tall. And there can be those moments where when you walk, it’s kind of like for every step of his, I have to take like one and a half. So to keep up with people, sometimes our strides don’t match. Like if you’ve ever been to the beach and you’ve seen footprints in the sand and you try to, like, walk in the same foot. It’s awkward, like maybe they walked too close, maybe it’s too much of a stride.

Maybe they were running and you’re trying to walk, it can get very frustrating and we start to beat ourselves up. So when you look to those people who inspire you and you try to emulate them and follow their planning programs or their systems, and you’re like, why won’t it work? I want to invite you to take a deep breath and again, be loving towards yourself and say, hmm, there are certain things that are going to come very naturally to them, certain techniques and wonderful abilities they were born with that I may not necessarily possess. I may have to develop them. It’s not that I can’t have them, but I may have to work on it a little bit more. And then you may have gifts in other areas. Most definitely, you  do that they don’t. And so give yourself just a little bit of grace when you’re setting your goals, especially if you’re inspired by another. Don’t try to match exactly, but tune into what would be loving for yourself. So to kind of wrap this all up, the three steps that you can take the three P’s to experience peace in everyday living, first one is Pace. What kind of Pace are you setting for yourself or has been set for you that might need fine tuning? And then the next one is Pathway. You taken the hard way or the easy way? And I’m like hard way, hard way. And that’s OK, right? There’s a challenge in that. But tune in and say, is it loving towards your self. Right? Final P Practicality. Are you biting off more than you can chew? Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? Is a goal that’s been set really not necessarily logical.

And believe me, I am all for miracles. I love a good miracle and I totally believe in them.

I don’t like to believe in the practical or the logical yet I do. And so it’s a good way to add more peace just to check in with that. So thanks so much for joining me live. Let me know where you’re watching from. I love to connect with you. Lots of fun friends to make around the world and happy happy holidays to you wherever you are. And may your days be filled with wonderful waves of peace, love and joy.

And to continue this adventure, if you want more peaceful practices, click the link. Come play with me and wonderful community that really focuses on peace. All right. Lots of love. Catch on the flip side, guys, bye.

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