When is the Worst Time to Make a Decision


Inklings ~ When is the Worst Time to Make a Decision

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There is a pivotal point in the decision cycle where all the energy and hard work could totally be lost. I’ve seen it happen too often, where everything gets thrown away because these 3 energies take over: Fear, Fatigue, and Apathy – FFA

When FFA takes hold, the root chakra shuts down, the heart checks out, and the head ends up spinning tall tales.

?‍♀️ So how can decision regret be avoided? The best place to begin is with these 3 questions:

? What is the energetic cost?

⛽️ What is the tank reading on your heart?

? Is your spirit checked out? ?It’s like taking an energetic temperature. When you feel like quitting, feed your spirit. It’s starving.

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